Song of Your Life Retreat

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Song of Your Life Retreat

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I have dealt with a problem in the past, and that is, that so many other things were crowding in the way of what I truly wanted to do and be sometimes. I have definitely become better at prioritising over the years, however there is still much more for all of us to achieve, do, and be. And it takes focus. It takes discipline and it takes consistency. It also takes an investment of time. You have HUGE gifts and callings and I deeply desire to assist you to see more of what YOU desire to come to pass.

I have created and designed possibly the most exciting program ever to embark upon....

The name of it is THE SONG OF YOUR LIFE –  The first ever "You Have A Voice" Retreat.

What you will receive and learn is life transforming. The benefits are so exciting and the timing is right.

It will take place over four days and three nights on a stunning large natural property, with the exclusive use for us at You Have A Voice.

There is a limit of ten spots on the retreat, and it is $1597 all included.

For those who would prefer, it will be $1747 each and you would have a master bedroom. Couples welcome.

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  • Full accommodation included.

  • Three fully catered dinners and breakfasts with fresh natural food, with our own private chef and waitress.

  • Organic Sparkling Grape Juice and Organic Chocolate on arrival

  • Tennis court

  • Campfire for second night event

  • All towels and linen

  • Dedicated nature session: Beach trip

  • Daily Group Voice, Creative, Coaching, Hot Seat and Clarity Sessions – THESE are very key and the basis of our focus, all in a beautiful and natural environment.

  • Discovering and creating your own personal ascension and liberation plan.

  • Daily Self Discovery Focus Sessions – these are also the most beneficial as the clarity you will receive will take you into your next season and beyond.

  • Daily Walks including through the Rainforest.

  • A mixture of pure relaxation and discipline. There will be time for both.

  • Final Dinner and Celebration – each person will perform TWO songs LIVE and/or shares something of value. There will be full PA and microphone set up.

  • Final day – Reflection and Gratitude Ceremony/Future Focus Plan

  • Body, Soul, Spirit and VOICE rejuvenation!

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Simone Waddell has conducted thousands of coaching sessions over twenty-five years.

She was the first Australian to receive a scholarship to one of the world's top music schools, Berklee, and was the first jazz vocalist to ever complete the Research Masters Award at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Simone was also awarded $20,000 as the winner of the Nescafe Big Break.

She has performed in Japan, USA, China, Europe and Australia, toured with Grammy nominated artist Taylor Dayne, been the Opening Act for one of her favourite jazz singers, Vince Jones, and has released four albums, one EP, and multiple singles.

Her music videos have over half a million views online.

Her recent work includes mentoring the globally recognised Watoto Children’s Choir in Uganda, numerous performances at Parliament House, and being an ambassador for Messenger Rescue to assist bringing freedom to those trapped in sex trafficking.

She is a powerful singer, songwriter and voice coach, who has transformed countless lives.



The location is Brushy Point which is mid north coast of NSW. 3.5 hours drive from Sydney, near Forster. 


The dates will be May 31 - June 3, 2019.


I would like to add in a bonus which is one of my favourite things in the world. EACH person will receive a One Hour Massage with professional masseuse Katherine,  – organic essential oils and beautiful healing hands.

To be blessed, healed and restored.

Her fee is usually $150 an hour as she is a mobile masseuse and uses the most beautiful products. This will be included at no extra cost.