Experience the Recording Studio

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Experience the Recording Studio


Dec 8th 2018

9:30am to 6pm

All ages and levels welcome

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Experience the Recording Studio is an excellent workshop opportunity to discover what the studio is all about!

Simone Waddell (singer/songwriter/vocal coach) and Michael Carpenter (producer/engineer/musician) join forces to create an amazing and inspiring environment for anyone who wants to learn the best way to professionally record their voice. Love Hz is a top Sydney studio, which has churned out hits and hit records for years and is the perfect place to enjoy a full day of learning, recording, creativity and fun.

Simone and Michael ensure that you will be comfortable, safe and enjoying the whole creative process.

You will:
1. Learn the vital steps and knowledge you need about the studio and vocal recording so that you can have confidence when you stand at the microphone. All the "how to" is covered. Plus the all important teaching about headphones and much more.

2. Learn all about studio microphones and which one will sound great with your voice so that you can have the best possible vocal sound for you.

3. Record an entire song (a cover or an original) with either a backing track, live guitar or live piano, fully produced by Michael Carpenter, and walk out of the studio on the same day with a professional CD of your very own.

4. Have an experience that will demystify the recording studio. It will give you clarity and open up possibilities in your own mind for what is possible for you to achieve with music. You will leave with a stack of hands on knowledge and a new belief in yourself and your gifts.

Numbers are limited to six people maximum so that each person receives a high level of one on one attention.
This is a day you will remember forever. The combination of having guidance and encouragement from both Simone and Michael, to sing your song, to hear yourself back, as well as learning from all the other singers as they record, is one of the best steps that you can take to improve your voice and your musical journey. You will love it.

What others have said:

"Thankyou so much for holding these workshops and even giving me the chance to lay down my track. You bless people and open all kinds of musical and spiritual doors." - Annie Zogbhi

"A great experience I had today! Just awesome! Thankyou Michael and Simone, I learned a lot from you. I will be back for more recording!" - Klass Sip.

"Michael and Simone did all they could to nurture and encourage the best results out of every person. Every singer walked out of the studio totally happy with their end product. It was only my second time in a studio and I am definitely coming back to record again! Thankyou so much Simone for giving us such an organic and positive experience, I had a blast!'" - Kathy Vavahea

"I loved recording my voice in the vocal booth and hearing my voice back. I want to do it again!" - Aylin Craig.

"I just want to thank you so so much! I can't believe I got to record my first original song. It means so much to me. I had a great day at the workshop and it showed me that singing is what I want to do when I am older because I didn't want to leave that recording studio! Thankyou so much Simone." - Shauna Purcell

"The recording workshop was great. I learnt new techniques about equipment and procedures used in the studio. It was good fun recording and getting a CD at the end of the day. I really enjoyed myself." - BJ Guberinic