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"Since I first met 'our very inspiring Simone' my life has taken on different and more vibrant colours.
My character had its own canvas naturally, however there are times in our lives when we need another set of eyes to spot the missing finishing touches.
'My story' is one of personal victory over deep heartache and severe mistreatment spanning several decades.
To help heal my pain, over 25 years I have tried things like kinesiology, psychology, antidepressants, counsellors, psychiatrists, naturopaths, Overeaters Anonymous, dating sites, sugar addiction, caffeine & smoking plus eating disorders, dieting, workaholism, religion, love addiction and escapism.
In a nutshell....Simone's coaching and healing tools came along at the exact time and from all the things I have tried in my healing journey, I've felt more of a connection and had more breakthroughs with Simone than anything else I've ever tried. Our meeting is no coincidence.
To be called a Survivor doesn't really give value to my life. My voice has returned in more ways than one.
Simone gave me the expression of Being a Thriver, and that is what I am now living on a daily basis.
Thanks to you beautiful Simone, the future is mine and I love my life with you in it.
May all who come into contact with this incredible singing for all of your days!!
You truly are an Angel from heaven"

Ceretha Loosemore

Simone Waddell is, first and foremost, a fine friend. 

I've done several distinctly different projects with Simone - a tour, some recording sessions, some production shows. She brings a degree of professionalism and - as others also mention about Simone, she brings commitment to the table, every time. These serve as a great example to new, up and coming artists, and also put seasoned professionals on notice (LOL). 

Apart from singing so well and writing great songs, she also possesses a survival 'essential' that you can't learn at any music school: a sense of humour. 

Thank you, Simone, my friend. 

Sam McNally - premium keyboard player, recording artist, composer, producer

"For a long while I've wanted to write something about Simone Waddell. Oh my.. talk about someone I can relate to! One of the hardest working people I know. Always seeking ways to push and inspire people in DEEP ways that matter. Continually refining her own craft as an incredible singer. Open to all the things that the creative world throws at her. Loyal and committed to what she believes in. A fighter who has had to endure more battles than anyone I know, and yet, though occasionally letting her guard down to her friends about the toll this has taken on her, continues to somehow rise up.. no... rise above wherever she has already been before. Pushing. Inspiring. Learning. Challenging. She is an amazing person, an amazing friend and someone I admire greatly. I wish you were all so lucky to have someone like her in your corner. Thank you Simone, from so many people who you mean so much to."

Michael Carpenter - Record Producer, Sound Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Songwriter, Singer, Multi - Instrumentalist, Workshop Facilitator, Lecturer in Recording Arts and Videographer.


"Dear Simone, Thank you Thank you.
You are so amazing in every way and so fantastic in what you bring to our Graduation evenings and our work at Heal For Life, caring for survivors of abuse. 
How perfect your talk was about your own journey. God truly at work. As you may have discovered it was so wonderful for many others who have suffered, to hear your positivity in the face of such unfairness and injustice. They felt very validated and supported and understood after hearing you.

Your singing was superb, just simply superb.
The surprise addition of Amazing Grace so wonderful, too. 

Thank you for everything. 
You also inspired me spiritually, your faith shines through and reminds me of the power of our faith. I want the world to know about you and wish there were more like you."

Liz Mullinar AM

"Simone, your voice will give and gives the world a voice for transformation. Please keep helping this world sing a song of peace. You are peace. Thank you for the amazing gift you bring to us all."

Jeff Slayter - Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Philanthropist, Thought Leader, Social Entrepreneur and Producer.


"Wooooow... Wow... Wooooow.... You have kicked off the breaking through that I needed Simone.
Oh my gosh, I love you and am so thankful for the spirit you've imparted to me. Not just words, but a reworking of mindset...after your  workshop I left with hope, which isn't a word I have been using lately. I feel unchained and able to lighten up, I feel that instead of grieving over lack of opportunities I can make new ones. I love you, you're an inspiration.
Thank you so much for holding these workshops and giving me the opportunity to even lay down a track. You bless people and open all kinds of musical and spiritual doors."

Annie Z - Singer / Songwriter

"Simone is a beautiful whirling dervish of energetic creative talent. She has come back into my life to record an album at my Tone Ranger Studio after many years in the gig world since her studies at Southern Cross University, Lismore. The studio environment bares the souls of all participants and Simone would stand as one of the easiest and focused artists that I've worked with. She possesses an open creative spirit and the musicianship and vocal technique allowing it all to come together. I'm looking forward to a long musical relationship with Simone over the ensuing years."

Jim Kelly - Guitarist/Producer, Tone Ranger Studios

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"Simone is a joy to work with and always a positive presence on tour. It's always nice to hear her voice rising above all the men in my Backing Vocals group!"

Max Pellicano - Elvis to the Max 

"Doing workshops with Simone has been a fantastic experience over the last 5 years or so.  Simone has a network of musicians and performers from all areas of the music world who come to the workshops to teach - but most of all they share their successes and struggles and inspire us.  I recently took part in one of Simone's recording workshops it was an incredible day.  It is so exciting to record in a proper studio with a producer - one of the best experiences I've had.  Simone is not only a great singer and musician herself, she is a Mentor extraordinaire."

Imelda Bergin - Singer, Mother, Wife & Executive Officer Family Business Australia - NSW

"Simone you have mentored me for years and I have learnt great techniques from you.
Every audition preparation that I have worked on with you has been a success.
I enjoy every session I have with you especially our songwriting sessions and the Lion King audition preparation is something I will always remember.
Thank you for being part of my dream. You are a great singing teacher and a friend to cherish for life."

Tarisai Vushe - Singer/Songwriter STAR OF LION KING playing the roles of Rafiki and Shenzi. Placed 5th in Australian Idol - Season Five

You are a huge part of everything I have achieved Simone Waddell my dear beautiful soul sista, Mentor and Friend. I now have a VOICE because you helped me find it and refine it. I am forever grateful and in awe of your talent and giftings! Thank you!!!! You are a constant inspiration and source of strength & creativity! Xxoo

Kathy Vavahea - singer/songwriter


"Simone is multi talented. A singer, songwriter, actress, teacher, mentor and she has even worked backstage in technical production. All these abilities have assisted me in producing successful major events and onstage productions. She has an 'old fashioned' work ethic and gives total loyalty and respect to her colleagues."

Pauline McFetridge - Executive Producer

"Simone has a charming personality and is a delight to work with. Her recordings are a testimony to her extraordinary compositions and soulful voice. I have found Simone to be an exceptional performer in a variety of styles. Her abundant talent is matched by her maturity and poise. In my many years of working in the music industry, Simone is one of the most outstanding vocalists I have ever encountered. I give my highest praise to her."

Donna McElroy - Berklee professor, Grammy nominee, Dove Award winner, and vocalist on multiple gold and platinum records.


"Simone has such a beautiful instrument! Her commitment is one of her best assets. You can be an extremely talented musician and still not make it into Berklee but Simone has a combination of musical ability, and commitment. I was so impressed upon hearing her sing, I offered her the chance of a musical lifetime to complete her degree at Berklee on a scholarship."

Dr Warwick Carter - former Dean of Berklee College of Music

"When I first heard Simone's song, "Born To Win" I was moved to tears and blown away by the message and the inspiration it brings!  I liked the song so much that I taught the song and the lyrics to a large women's conference in Singapore and play it often at my Find Your Million Dollar Voice program all over the world. The song encourages everyone who is fortunate enough to hear it.  With my recent international songwriting project involving numerous countries I had no hesitation in selecting Simone to oversee the entire Australian team. She booked the recording studio and sang marvelously.  She also brought along other world class singers to record the backing vocals, organized professional filming (stills and video) in two locations, booked the cast, the transport, the catering and returned all the footage back to us in Hollywood in record time!  Simone and I, like kindred spirits, also share the same beliefs when it comes to the vital work of teaching others that we all have a voice. She empowers people with this knowledge and the skills to use their voice effectively. I highly commend Simone for the work she does both with her own music and coaching others."

Deborah Torres Patel - Vocal Coach


"Working with Simone is a dream. She always brings something positive to the project. When you have Simone on the gig you know it’s going to be successful, not to mention a lot of fun. I thoroughly recommend Simone as a vocalist, MC, and musical collaborator. She is always professional, prepared and beautifully presented."

Mick Malouf - Bassist, Music Director, Teacher

"Simone is a powerful voice coach with outstanding understanding of fundamental and advanced techniques of voice optimisation. Just some of her simple techniques increased my performance in seconds. I was totally amazed."

Vivek Sood - Public Speaker, Corporate Trainer


"I have known Simone for many years. I've watched her negotiate the good and the bad in life. Through it all she has kept her faith in her future, knowing that she is here to make an impact and to leave a legacy and an example for those who follow her; a creative edge that can inspire and influence others. Her music has always been aspiring to and dedicated to achieving excellence, and I know that she has sought to mentor and to build into those who are coming up in the industry that she's been involved in and committed to for so long. In doing so, she consistently follows her own dream and encourages others to do the same. Brilliant, Simone....keep on making a difference in your world and that of those around you. You're an inspiration!"

Valery Murphy - Author and Pastor

"I have had the privilege of working with many awe inspiring vocalists throughout my career and can openly say from my heart that Simone Waddell is amongst the very best of them. Her voice is stunning, as is her personality, that shines through every time she sings. Simone is a gift to the world of music."

Martha Baartz - Freelance saxophonist/composer (worked with some of Motown's greatest: 'Funk Brothers', 'Martha and the Vandalas' and 'The Miracles' to name a few)


"I have known Simone since 1994. We first met at university and completed the same music degree. I've had the pleasure of recording Simone's vocals numerous times here at Love Hz Studios, Sydney. She is without doubt one of the most professional, reliable and talented singers around."

Matt Fell - Award winning Producer and multi-instrumentalist at Love HZ Studios

"In my role as Head of Musical Theatre at The McDonald College, it has been my pleasure to work with Simone Waddell, an ex student, in many capacities. My tenure at The College began after Simone graduated but her portrait still hangs in the school as a reminder of her exceptional talents, both as a performer and a human being. Simone has an enviable reputation as an excellent voice coach / teacher and it has been rewarding to have my pupils gain not only exemplary insights into the voice and it’s strengths in her classes but also to be considered as performers for her many and varied corporate events. As a guiding light and coach with Miss World Australia, Simone invited me to interact and share with the new contestants, which - though daunting at first, was a rewarding and enriching experience. I certainly wish her well in all of her endeavours."

Dolores Dunbar - Head of Musical Theatre, The McDonald College


"I met Simone when I was asked to fill in for a friend on a gig singing a'capella Christmas Carols! I was amazed at the quality of her voice. As I got to know more about her, I found that quality run's through everything about her! The way she teaches and performs live or on record, her standard of performance does not weaken! It is always a pleasure performing and hanging out with her. We just returned from a national tour around Australia together where I had the privilege of singing with her on every show. She is so easy to sing with, she sings like a bird and I look forward to working again with the lovely Miss Simone Waddell."

Doug Williams - Singer, Bass Player, Musical Director, Recording Artist

"What can I say about Simone Waddell... She makes me laugh and laugh a lot! She sings like an angel with a devil (contained) inside, she's a go to person, when you want something done well, call Simone. It doesn't matter what it is, she'll cut it. Oh, I should mention that she teaches piano and vocals to the highest of standards at the number one performing arts school in Sydney. Simone has worked with me and for me on numerous occasions both live and in the studio and will do again for as long as she's willing and able, I recommend her to absolutely everyone."

Pat Powell - Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist


"Simone has performed in the Berklee Reverence Gospel Choir in numerous Berklee Performance Center, café and Recital Hall presentations. I have recorded with her on her album produced in the U.S.A and was amazed at her songwriting and vocal chops.  Her extraordinary musical gift and ability ensure her continuing success. I have always said she is a singer who can sing anything!"

Dennis Montgomery - Berklee Professor, Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Gospel Choir Director

"Simone Waddell is an inspiring and encouraging vocal coach, and her passion for singing and music is very evident. I first met her when I competed as a finalist in Miss World Australia and she was judging. I have been having private voice coaching with Simone for almost one year now and have noticed an incredible improvement in my confidence, singing ability, technique and my enjoyment for singing over this period.  Each lesson I learn something new and leave the class feeling excited for what the future holds for me with Simone’s continued support and guidance."

Katie S - Singer


"Simone's You Have a Voice conference was brilliant and it left me feeling inspired to continue growing as a musician. It felt absolutely incredible to be on stage performing in front of people who share the same passion."

Candice Boyd - Singer / Songwriter

"While completing my senior years at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts, I had the pleasure of being assigned Simone as my vocal coach. Simone not only taught me the fundamentals, she gave the support and encouragement of a life long friend. Her talent and dedication to music is inspirational."

Iseula Hingano - Singer / Songwriter (Blue Eyes Cry)


"Simone's exclusive voice workshop for Miss World Australia finalists was the first Miss World Australia 'event' I attended. I was nervous at first, however Simone's warmth and encouragement helped me to overcome my fears of singing in public. She also helped all of us to understand that it is not just about the words you are singing but also about the emotion and the story you are telling."

Sophie Lavers - Miss World Australia 2009

"I met Simone fifteen years ago and have never met a more courageous, nicer and talented person as Simone.  Her dedication to music and to people is what inspires me to want to be more giving to others. Simone understands that her music is a tool to touch God and people. Everyday she commits her life to empowering others and for that, I honor her."

LeRoix Hampton III - Record Producer and CEO and Founder of Signature Music Design Inc.


When I attended the last voice conference, "You Have a Voice" by Simone Waddell I was not in a good place vocally having previously suffered a slump in singing confidence due to poverty, burnout, vocal exploitation, childbirth, and depression in both myself and my partner. I was brought to the conference by good friends who wanted to gift me with a good time...I had a lot more than a good time... Simone's gentle spirit ushered me through a day of discovery and encouragement that left me renewed and recharged to start up again vocally and face the challenges ahead. I sang in the Masterclass and got some of the most wonderful feedback I have ever received. Since then I have hooked up with a wonderful singing mentor who spoke at the conference, refreshed on some vocal techniques, watched top class singers perform at great venues, designed and launched my own website, filmed and recorded myself performing live, taught choirs and students singing and performed at many paid gigs around Sydney. Thanks Simone, for being such a valuable and lasting influence in my vocal career and giving me a new lease on life!

Emma D'Silva - Singer

Simone is a very professional woman with an amazing voice and a brilliant outlook on the industry.
She is a caring person always willing to devote her time and amazing talents to charity which makes her second to none.
Her constant positive attitude and willingness to put hard work into every situation is a reflection on her beautiful personality and all round professionalism.

Lisa Holt - Freelance choreographer and Artistic Director of P.A.C Station studios


Simone has been my vocal coach for many years now and I truly do not believe that I could have reached the stage I am at without her. She's so kind, she understands music like the back of her hand and most of all she is passionate about what she does. We have performed on numerous gigs together and it is always fantastic to perform with her as she is such a great person to work with. I have been a part of a number of Simone's vocal workshops and they have been so inspirational for me. I am always learning something new from her which helps me as a singer, a musician and a performer.

Yannick Koffi - singer/multi-instrumentalist/musical prodigy