Surrender - CD Album


Surrender - CD Album


Surrender is an album full of glorious moments of musical creativity. Original music with strong melodies, layered harmonies and magnificent instrumentation that will leave you wanting more. Simone has collaborated with some of the best musicians in Australia to deliver what Jim Kelly the producer is calling, "the best playing of his life." 

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Each song has a story. Each song is unique. 

The strength of, "Brokenness" is contrasted by the beauty of, "All Your Colours." The groove in "I Fell" is balanced by the masterpiece arrangement of, "I Believe." The intricate backing vocals on a number of tracks by internationally known singers Doug Williams and Mary Kiani, bring new levels of texture and resonance. Simone's duets with Doug, "Baby I'm Sorry" and with the darling of the Byron Bay funk scene Vanessa Baker, "Tone Ranger Jam" are standouts. "This Too Will Pass" carries a vital message as does, "Find Your Voice." The intimacy of "No Once Comes Close" and the power of "Superstar" help to complete this body of work. The incredible addition of the "Brokenness Remix" produced by Jason "Jhot!" Scott is receiving rave reviews. 

This is an album that you will enjoy over and over. 

"Simone's singing is superb, just simply superb.
 I want the world to know about her and wish there were more like her." - Liz Mullinar AM

"Simone, your voice will give and gives the world a voice for transformation. Please keep helping this world sing a song of peace. You are peace. Thank you for the amazing gift you bring to us all." - Jeff Slayter

"Simone is one of the most outstanding vocalists I have ever encountered. I give my highest praise to her." - Donna McElroy