Sing From Your Soul 2012 Video DOWNLOAD

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Sing From Your Soul 2012 Video DOWNLOAD


The Sing From Your Soul vocal workshop is a full day of content taught by Simone Waddell, one of the leading voice coaches in Sydney. The program covers aspects of contemporary singing, performing, good vocal technique, correct breathing, simple ways to tackle improvising, singing riffs, warming up, confidence on stage and enjoying the whole process!
This video will inspire you to go to the next level with your voice and you will be amazed at what you will hear and learn.

You will learn the six vital steps to help you
- Achieve good technique naturally without thinking!
- Communicate your song effectively
- Warm up and use your voice properly
- Conquer nerves and stage fright
- Enjoy your own sound
- Make the most of your performance

Special features include beautiful heartfelt performances by Rebecca Henry and Mick on Wheels.

"I was so impressed with your workshop disc - Sing From Your Soul – you certainly are our music messiah, for you demonstrate music miracles!" 

Staff Member at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music

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