Fundamental Vocal Technique Exercises 2-CD Set

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Fundamental Vocal Technique Exercises 2-CD Set


Choose from Low Voice or Medium/High Voice.

A variety of fantastic and effective vocal exercises to improve all aspects of your voice. Warming up, pitch, breathing, vowels, scales, arpeggios, intervals, the blues scale and more are included.

These exercises can be sung using various vowels, with or without vibrato, at various volumes and using various tones. Make the most of the exercises by experimenting with all the different ways you can choose to implement each one. Focus on the pitch and free delivery of each note, ensuring that you open your mouth and jaw as you sing higher, without holding any tension in the jaw. Breath properly. Have fun!
For all ages and levels.

"This double CD set is absolute gold! "I LOOOOVE THIS!!! Best use of money for anyone who wants to sing, seriously, I take this everywhere, it's a treasure!"" - Annie Zogbhi (professional singer.)

"I have been using these exercises every single day over a few months already, and I am noticing such a huge improvement in my voice. I am still just a beginner but these exercises are amazing." - Matthew Ho.

"My son is autistic and he loves using these CDs at home. This is the perfect way for him to practice between lessons. It is exactly what he needs. It is so well structured, so simple to use and he can keep these and use them for the rest of his life!" - Rosalina Oei

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