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All Ages - Beginners to Professionals

Based in Southern Sydney.

Genres taught: jazz, pop, R&B, soul, gospel, ballads, folk, musical theatre, country, blues, rock.

Be trained by one of Sydney's finest voice experts who will work individually with you, exactly where you are at right now.

Find your own voice and really sing! Learn how to express in song and discover the joy of singing. Simone will mentor and coach you to achieve the next level with your voice and you will be inspired and amazed at what you are capable of.

Specializing in good vocal technique:

  • breathing
  • phrasing
  • pitch
  • rhythm
  • projection
  • microphone technique

As well as musicality, ear training, repertoire and performance skills.

Simone continually creates opportunities for students to write original songs, perform live, and even record their voice and music.

Simone's teaching style is energetic, effective and encouraging. She builds the confidence and self image of her students whilst simultaneously building their voice, talent and skills.

Private Coaching Appointments for:

  • Singing
  • Songwriting
  • Mentoring
  • Presenting

$125 - 60 mins, $95 - 45 mins, $65 - 30 mins

Workshops, conferences, seminars and group lessons are priced according to varying factors.

Please enquire via the contact page.


Dolphin Pod Coaching Sessions

A dolphin pod coaching session is a highly personalised opportunity for two students at once.

There are many benefits to learning in this style.

  • It makes singing challenging, interesting, motivating and fun for both.
  • Quiet personalities have the chance to speak, overcome shyness and be heard in a dolphin pod session rather than the usual anonymity and passivity that may occur in a larger group.
  • Participants are encouraged to become active learners by developing co - operative and collaborative skills, which are lifelong learning skills.
  • It promotes learning and achievement.
  • It requires an environment of trust and support where participants can be nurtured and truly grow.
  • It is cost effective, still bringing an extremely personalised approach yet more affordable than an exclusive private coaching session.

Dolphin Pod Prices:
$90 each - 60 mins, $60 each - 45 mins, $45 each - 30 mins

Please enquire via the contact page.


Simone has had numerous requests from beginners to the most exceptional singers to work with them, not just on their voice, but on their life. There are times when a singers voice is suppressed or affected by life’s circumstances such as:

  • Loss of relationships
  • Grief
  • Transitions
  • Fear of the unknown/failure
  • Abuse and trauma
  • Lack of support from family and/or loved ones
  • Low confidence
  • Lack of clarity and purpose
  • Inability to make money doing what you love
  • Feeing blocked, held back, frustrated or misunderstood
  • Unhealed subconscious patterns and childhood wounding
  • Faulty and unsupportive core beliefs

Simone will upon request work with select clients not just on your voice, but on THE SONG OF YOUR LIFE. Freedom, clarity, true alignment, breakthrough, peace and joy are all there to be received.

All parts affect the whole. Your voice affects your life. Your life affects your voice. Simone coaches people to have the voice and the life that they want.

Find your voice - change your life.

Contact Simone now to advance your story.