Welcome to my site and thank you for visiting! My lifelong passion to sing has led me to visit amazing places and meet such incredible people I could never have even imagined. I also love empowering people to achieve new levels in their own voices, with my vocal coaching experience stretching over almost two decades.
  I am a singer, songwriter, vocal coach, actor and model based in Sydney, Australia. I have had the privilege of performing and recording extensively throughout Australia, America, Asia and Europe. I love my creative life and sharing it with people like you who are also passionate about singing, music, ideas, goals, dreams...
  On this site you will find information about upcoming vocal workshops or private voice coaching. You can also read inspiring and informative blogs, listen to music I have recorded, download quality eBooks, or even see what other people have to say about what I do in the testimonials section!
  So grab your free eBook, "How to Strengthen Your Voice in Five Easy Steps", connect with me on Facebook and Twitter and let's take this journey together. I want you to know that "You Have a Voice" and what you think, sing, say, and feel matters.


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