Are you tired of running around doing lots of “great” things, living in busyness but not actually streamlining your gifts and talents effectively?

Did you know that multitasking is actually NOT the best way to get things done? 

Did you know that the ONLY way to truly be your best, to live to your full potential and to really get on track to be who you are meant to be is by using FOCUS?

Are you ready to leave the good behind to FOCUS on the great? 

Are you tired of that frustrated feeling that gnaws inside you because you know there is MORE for you? 

Are you ready to embrace FOCUS in your life to climb out of where you are? 

Are you ready to step into the freedom of living your true purpose and passion? 

The world needs your message and your gift. Your Voice. You.



There are no upcoming dates for this workshop.  Please check back later.

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As a voice coach, I work with singers and voices and I have done this for nearly twenty years. I have travelled and performed around the world with many amazing musicians and singers. I have taught thousands of singing lessons, helping all types of people - from beginners to professionals, from all ages and all walks of life. I have seen so many people successfully break through nerves and low confidence to become incredible performers and songwriters. I have experienced the power of FOCUS for myself. You may even find that once you apply FOCUS in your life, not only will your voice and confidence improve, but your health will improve, you may end up writing the book you have always wanted to or begin to relate better to yourself and the people around you. These are just some of the beautiful benefits of living as your true self. Even if you think you are already on track, there is always refinement and growth that can occur.

Have you ever felt that sometimes you are just so overwhelmed with life and urgent things that you don’t create the time required to hone in on what you REALLY want? On what is TRULY important? Our passions needs focus. When we live with passion and no focus, we live frustrated. Unfulfilled. Simply because there is no action plan. Yet you still feel like there is something more for you. Because there is!

I am very excited to share with you a program that I have designed to address all these things, and I warmly invite you to attend. I need to add though, that this workshop is not for everyone. This is for people who really want to develop themselves beyond where they are right now. Not everyone is ready. Or willing. If you are – then you can be assured that this is exactly what you need right now. 


Since YOUR VOICE is always a theme in the workshops I design, there will be an opportunity for every attendee to perform a SONG that is their “anchor” song. A song that inspires you or that relates to your passion or your personal journey. This will simultaneously inspire others around you with their own passion. This is a very powerful part of the program and cannot be underestimated. If the thought of performing a song scares you, then it is EXACTLY what you need to do to break through!

If I asked you “What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?” The answer that comes up for you is probably big. A big vision. THAT is your true calling. Your spirit already knows the answer to the question. You know it on the inside but I can promise you that you will NEVER achieve it without FOCUS. You just won’t. So this is an entire workshop dedicated to making that thing that lit up inside you when I asked that question, into your reality. You can walk away with an action plan and stop floating around hoping.

I will be teaching this workshop with one of the BEST singers and voice coaches this world has to offer. Her name is Mary Kiani and she is truly AMAZING. Her success is evidence that she understands the power of FOCUS! We will provide a safe place for you to dig deep into the bigger questions and also to sing and perform in a loving and encouraging environment.

Seriously, imagine what it would be like to have direction, FOCUS and a plan to be able to hit your goals and make your internal vision become your reality. What is that actually worth to you? Who else might be positively affected when you start to really walk in your destiny like never before? Who may miss out if you don’t?

We have brought the price right down for this event. Honestly I get criticised for offering workshops so cheap and rightly so. However, I really want you to be able to come and experience this incredible day which I KNOW will be life changing for you.

You will learn:
  • To use your VOICE powerfully so that you can have CONFIDENCE when speaking and singing. (My good friend Deborah Torres Patel always says, “Your success or failure is directly linked to your ability to communicate.”)
  • To identify your strengths and gifts so that you can have ASSURANCE, knowing you are following your best path.
  • To identify your true passion and life purpose so that you can have CLARITY in the exact direction you can follow for your future.
  • How to FOCUS so that you can have the ability to eliminate the clutter out of your life and truly spend your valuable time and energy on what really matters.
  • What to ADD to your life so that you can have BALANCE. You will discover the things you need to do and be, to achieve what you really want.
  • How to live “in alignment” so that you can have congruency with your beliefs, thoughts, words and actions. THIS is living as your true self!
  • How to create an ACTION PLAN so that you can have solid steps to walk towards your goals!
  • How to break through fear and nerves to sing or speak anywhere at anytime, so that you can reach levels you are yet to achieve.

Usually for an all day workshop of this nature for Mary and I, plus all the planning and preparation, the cost is well over $2000. Have a read of what Emma said after attending one of my workshops:

"When I attended the last voice conference, 'You Have a Voice' by Simone Waddell, I was not in a good place vocally having previously suffered a slump in singing confidence due to poverty, burnout, vocal exploitation, childbirth, and depression in both myself and my partner. I was brought to the conference by good friends who wanted to gift me with a good time...I had a lot more than a good time... Simone's gentle spirit ushered me through a day of discovery and encouragement that left me renewed and recharged to start up again vocally and face the challenges ahead. I sang in the Masterclass and got some of the most wonderful feedback I have ever received. Since then I have hooked up with a wonderful singing mentor who spoke at the conference, refreshed on some vocal techniques, watched top class singers perform at great venues, designed and launched my own website, filmed and recorded myself performing live, taught choirs and students singing and performed at many paid gigs around Sydney. Thanks Simone, for being such a valuable and lasting influence in my vocal career and giving me a new lease on life!"

Can you even put a price on that? What would it be worth to you to really see changes in your life and feel confident that you are on your perfect track designed for you? Imagine saying goodbye to frustration and saying hello to freedom by simply embracing this opportunity!

I encourage you to sign up right now as the financial investment is very minimal. As I said I have brought the price down so it can be accessible to everyone. So, not for $2000, but for only $187 you have the chance to spend the entire day with Mary and I, covering the ground we need to so that YOU reach YOUR next level.


You will:

  • Gain an incredibly strong sense of your passion and purpose,
  • identify your strengths and gifts,
  • create your action plan to walk in your destiny,
  • learn how to live “in alignment”
  • have the chance to perform a song and increase your confidence on the spot,
  • receive specific voice coaching on how to use your voice powerfully!

Most of all you will learn how to FOCUS!

Honestly this workshop is worth much much more than just the $187 I am offering it for, so please do yourself a massive favour and register now at this fantastic price! Numbers are limited so don’t miss out! Register now!



The 943 bus stops right outside the studio. Alternatively, there is plenty of parking available in the surrounding area.
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