Attitude is Everything


How many times does EVERYTHING work out easily and perfectly?

Not often is the answer. Sometimes YES it does, and sometimes….that is far from the reality.

And if life does all go smoothly, some kind of obstacle is right around the corner. Someone close to you will die. A small and inconvenient or major catastrophic event may occur. A miscarriage, a sickness, or a trauma might hit someone you know…

I do not say this to be morbid. It is simply being real. This is life, and it will have ups and downs. Challenges are definitely a part of your destiny.

Attitude still determines everything.

Last week I visited the “oldest tropical rainforest in the world” called the Daintree and it is in far north Queensland. I was preparing for my You Have A Voice Summit and also spending a bit of time enjoying the stunning area of Port Douglas.

My friend and assistant for the Summit is Katherine and we always have an absolute ball together. She is full of generosity, fun and adventure! When she arrived here in Queensland a few days after me, we danced. We literally happy danced around our hotel room to some great music. When Kath arrives, the party begins.

We had never visited the iconic attractions up here in this area of Queensland so we excitedly booked a tour to the Daintree. When we arrived there to do the all important walk through this magnificent rainforest and the lookout of Cape Tribulation, it was pouring with rain. (Rainforest areas have way more rain than anywhere else.)

Without missing a beat, we bought some cheap ponchos from our tour guide, threw them on and off we went, enjoying every single sight in the breath-taking rainforest.


By the time we reached the lookout many of the people on the tour did not want to be in the rain any longer. Kath and I were not about to miss a moment so we walked through even more of the rainforest to the lookout in the pouring rain and became more and more alive and energised. It was a day we will never forget! We also saw a cassowary – it is a very big deal up here to sight this bird.

We then sailed along the Daintree River with some of the most picturesque scenery I have ever seen. The rain had stopped by then and we simply loved every minute.

Our enjoyment of the day all came down to one thing. Attitude. We were not deterred by the rain and we embraced every second, seeing how the rainforest looked even more magical in the rain.

When it rains….find a way to dance.

It is so important that we find continual ways to lift our attitude NO MATTER WHAT.


Our day could have gone two ways, all dependent upon our attitude. We had one of the best days ever because our attitude was open and ready to embrace every good thing that came our way. Oh! There was also an ice cream stop with the famous Daintree ice cream – and it was worth it just for that! You need to try wattleseed ice cream!

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Always remember, You Have A Voice!

Love Simone x