You Have a Voice - Wrap Up

YOU HAVE A VOICE! - Vocal workshop was AMAZING last Saturday! Loved it! Mary Kiani taught the best lesson for how to sing with resonance that I have ever heard in my lifetime.

Doug Williams was hilarious. Plus he showed everyone how to harmonize and how to play and sing simultaneously.

His solo version of, "His Eye is on the Sparrow" accompanying himself on the electric bass will be the first thing I look for when the DVDs are ready. Wow!

Gail Page left everyone breathless after sharing her beautiful heart then gave an a Capella version of "More than You'll Ever Know" that was full of honesty, soul and depth. LOVED THEM ALL! Yannick Koffi and Ivy Browne as teenage musical powerhouses performed amazingly and Pat Powell was his usual fantastic vocal self.

The masterclass at the end was overflowing with talent, talent, talent.... and my TEAM were INCREDIBLE!!! Mark Parris, Donna Reynolds, Susan Parris, Lauren Agnew, Phil Agnew, my parents, my son Jacob, Brooke Napper, Gervais Koffi and Michael Coggins - you are all AMAZING!!

A life changing day!!! The feedback has all been so positive and inspiring - I am really grateful and humbled by it all.

Here is what Annie Zogbhi, a beautiful singer, had to say about YHAV:

"I have been doing a 'dearest friend' gush about you non-stop since I left, raving about YHAV and the honour and the declarations and how inspiring you are... and "Born to Win" is the only song I have had playing in my car since then, non-stop... just wow  thank you again for having me, I can't thank you enough... 
Even my duo partner last night noticed how much better I sang after the projection lesson from Mary Kiani. He called me an 'effortless powerhouse!'... again... can't thank you enough."

Love that kind of feedback!

Now, I have good news! The declarations that everyone loved will soon be available in poster size.  I can think of nothing better to look at and get into my soul and spirit than the YHAV declarations.

We are doing the same for the "Sing From Your Soul" declarations. Powerful stuff. You will love them.

If you missed out on YHAV for whatever reason then stay tuned as the footage is being edited and DVDs created just for you. They will be an excellent resource for you to have and refer back to again and again.

More good news! Mary Kiani and I are teaming up for an AMAZING workshop on September 7th called FOCUS. I am so pumped about this one. It is going to be so good. So good. Please keep the date free as this is going to be a cracker. More details to come but your first step is to hold the date!

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Always remember,

You have a Voice.