NEWSTART - Nutrition

Since we are covering some ground when it comes to health - I just wanted to revise our brilliant acronym "NEWSTART" that I recently shared with you."

It covers every step to a balanced and healthy life.

We will continue discovering what that actually means and how it all works practically.

Your body is your instrument when you are a singer - so your health matters!

If you recall from the blog about our health, the acronym is....


  • Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Water

  • Sunshine

  • Temperance

  • Air

  • Rest

  • Trust 

This blog is dedicated to NUTRITION.
As I mentioned before, I've studied health for two decades and there is a LOT of benefits to being natural, eating natural and getting back to nature.

Let's keep it simple and cover the basics. Firstly, remember the food pyramid they taught you when you were at school? You know the one, the pyramid that says good health requires eleven "serves" of carbohydrates a day? Well, it's wrong.

Plus we need to be aware that information about nutrition is often sponsored by companies that have a vested interest in producing in house "research results" that claim their "food" is the answer to health.

So here are some simple ideas to follow.

- Try and avoid, cut back or even eliminate all foods that have refined, processed sugar and white flour. Or chemicals like MSG. That stuff is nasty and does you no favours.
Also excessive carbohydrates are just not necessary for optimum health.
I lived in Japan for years and yes rice is the hero. For sure. Yet the Japanese also incorporate foods like fish, pork, beef, tofu and vegetables WITH the rice. Also they don't have a full plate of rice. It's in a small bowl accompanying everything else.
So, relax on the carbs - especially if excess weight is an issue.

- Increase RAW FOOD intake, especially vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. These should be the staples. Fall in love with salad. I love it. When I was a little girl - I didn't always want those boiled and steamed vegetables. I would ask my parents to not cook the carrots please. They thought I was so weird. Yet even then my body knew it didn't need everything cooked!

- Include protein from a variety of sources. Foods like eggs, meat, chicken and fish are all quality proteins and provide the body with essential amino acids. If you are a vegetarian or vegan then there are plenty of other sources to consider. I was vegan for years. I loved it. However at the moment I'm back enjoying a regime that predominately includes animal protein, raw vegetables, soft cheeses and....dark chocolate. The world is a better place with organic dark chocolate. Raw chocolate is even better. Now I'm digressing...easy to do when discussing chocolate...which isn't a source of protein. Just to be clear. It's a source of...heaven. Yes. That's what it is.
So, protein is key. That's the upshot.

simone_waddell (2).jpg

- Ensure that good fats are a part of your diet.
The word DIET stems from both the Latin and Ancient Greek word "diaeta" which actually means, "way of life." It's not something you do for a month - it's a lifestyle. Your way of life.
Good fats like cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, avocados, soft cheeses, nut butters and coconut oil should be part of your diet. Being deficient in good fats results in a mighty array of health problems including skin rashes, depression and even poor heart health and decreased immunity.

- Eat organic whenever you can. Reducing the chemical load on your body by eating naturally is one of the best things you can do for yourself. This includes using toothpaste without fluoride and using other body/hair/cleaning products without nasty chemicals.

- Chew your food well. Did you know that chewing thirty two times per mouthful is the minimum recommended number? How are you going on that one? My Dad is the King of this. He has this one nailed. Generally most people have room to improve on this one though! Slow down friends.

- Don't drink excessively with meals. It messes up the digestive process.

- Ensure that you are making good healthy choices more than unhealthy ones. Continue educating yourself on what IS healthy. Many things purchased in supermarkets are not actually helping you be your best.

- Always butter. Never margarine. One is a food fit for human consumption. One is not. Don't believe the hype.

- Salt. It is good for you if you have the real stuff. Celtic salt and Himalayan salt are both full of excellent minerals that the body needs. They are also not white. Other kinds of table salt have been stripped of minerals and bleached. So use real salt.

- Sugar. It is not your friend. Cut back. Stevia and other natural options are a lot better, yet ideally, try and become accustomed to not using or needing a lot of sugar.

In conclusion, if you are suffering from poor health, obesity, serious disease, chronic fatigue or depression then NUTRITION is something you need to take very seriously. Taking small "liberties" here and there will need to be put on hold while some organic juicing, detoxing, and a more dedicated approach to your health and nutrition will need to be a priority.

What we consume every day has an enormous impact for good or for bad.

For anyone who is travelling ok health wise - try adjusting to these simple steps: increase natural foods, raw foods, vegetables, protein and healthy fats. Then decrease or eliminate "junk" food, chemicals, excessive sugar and processed foods.

A quick point about emotional eating and full blown eating disorders. These conditions and symptoms are not about the food.
If you're suffering - that is actually life bringing you a wake up call to do some serious inner work to heal the parts of you driving that behaviour. You may not believe it - however I promise that you can live totally free from those patterns. Go within. Heal. Be free.

Anyway, most of all, food is a gift and a blessing for us to enjoy. Eat the best food you can - love it, enjoy it and give yourself the gift of good nutrition.

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Love Simone x

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