The Store is Open!

Hey singers!

Some great news for everyone. I am very please to announce that THE STORE IS OPEN!

Here is the link.

I will be adding to the store bit by bit but already there are awesome declarations posters, DVD sets and music for you to download.

When it comes to declarations I really do believe in the power of what we say and the more we can train our minds and thoughts positively, to correlate with what we say, the better and more powerful we are in life and in general. Many low confidence and poor self esteem issues stem from thinking and speaking out the WRONG thing about ourselves and our future.

Phrases like:

“I will never get this right.”

“I will never be as a good as they are.”

“I am hopeless.”

“I can’t do it.”

“I don’t have time.”

“I can’t afford it.”

These types of words and phrases cement an already negative belief pattern and it is vital to continually arrest these thoughts, turn them around and replace them so you can start speaking out things that encourage, uplift and bring life to yourself and your situation. Particularly when it comes to our voice!

When I had chronic fatigue a few years ago after a very heavy season in life, I was wisely advised to start saying, I am full of energy and vitality.” It wasn’t true. I was actually exhausted, but I did it and things began to turn and continued to turn and now my health is excellent. So much is linked to our mindset and what we speak out. SO! I really encourage you to purchase the posters for yourself and even as gifts. They are beautifully designed and contain declarations like:

I stay positive when times are tough

I am excellent at telling a story when I sing

I love my voice

I have endless creativity

I love, support and believe in myself

I am not too old or too young – I’m just right.

And many more….

When you have both the posters where you can see them, simply read them, and say them out loud and I PROMISE YOU, things will shift and change for the better. Even if the reality doesn’t line up yet, it will.

I also really encourage you to invest in both of the brilliant DVD sets from “YOU HAVE A VOICE” and “SING FROM YOUR SOUL” live vocal workshops, as there is literally so much incredible content at extremely low cost for you. You will not find anything of this calibre anywhere else and certainly not at this low cost. I want you to benefit from the amazing teachers and performers who have been involved in the workshops. Jenny Morris, Leigh McCrae, Kerrie Biddell, Michael Carpenter, Rebecca Henry, Maria Venuti and so many more all teaching up close and personal with inside industry info that will propel you forward.

Finally the music to download is just great. Plus some of the tracks I have assigned to assist certain charities so you can be helping bring good to the world whilst listening to music at the same time. Pretty cool. So, I invite you to go shopping here and remember that these DVD sets and declarations posters are perfect gift ideas too!

Always remember, YOU Have a Voice!