Imagine Your Potential

Imagine if there were really no limits. It is a big ask. There is much more potential beyond what we can think of right now. There really is more….

My cousin received a miracle this week. She is 49 years old in a few months and she birthed TWINS! Two precious girls. Yes she is very healthy, a former dancer, and probably the best known candidate for such a feat, yet it really is against the odds and super special.

It is a beautiful miracle.

Many times we fall into unsupportive belief patterns that are really not helping.

One of my You Have A Voice declarations is: “I am not too old or too young, I am just right.” It is sooooo important for us to retrain our thinking to remember that everything is just right. Everything is right on time. You are not behind, late, or missing out. You have today and the future ahead, the past is gone. Joyce Meyer famously said, “God only has one gear - FORWARD.”


You are right where you need to be. Your age is perfect. You are on track. You are not too old. You are not too young. You are just right!

Yes, you are more awake and aware now than last year or even last week, so you get to make better choices with your time and talent now that you know more. Yet it is important to trust that you are the right age at the right time. No mistakes here!

I wonder what YOU will birth this year?

I have a VERY exciting announcement coming up about an AMAZING program that will assist you in birthing what is next for YOU. I cannot WAIT to share it with you.

Stay tuned dear one as it will rock your world!

I am very excited as the YOU HAVE A VOICE SUMMIT in Port Douglas is kicking off very soon. I have also been liaising with the caterers and all I can say is WOW. Incredible. This whole thing is completely five star!

Some people have been asking me, “Simone, WHY is this SUMMIT so magnificent and luxurious yet still so ridiculously affordable?”

Firstly, yes that is true, it’s all excellent and full of top quality. This is the most luxurious villa in Port Douglas!

The reason is, we often need to reprogram our conditioned thinking that falsely tells us we deserve NOTHING. That we deserve crumbs at best. That we deserve punishment and to stay small. What if you DO deserve to have some good and wonderful things in your life? Guess what?! You DO!

The affordable nature is simply because my highest desire is that whoever would like to come, can come. That it won’t be an impossible stretch and that transformation, joy, peace, and your deepest desires are all doable, all possible, and all ready and waiting for YOU. It is time to use your gifts like never before!

This Summit is sold out however SONG OF YOUR LIFE RETREAT is May 31st - June 3rd in the mid north coast of NSW at a stunning property surrounded by a rainforest, beautiful lake, and 100 acres ONLY dedicated to YOU HAVE A VOICE the entire time – so please click here and secure your spot now! There is more for you.


I would also LOVE to see you at one of the live SYDNEY shows coming up. My band are too cool for words and you will have an amazing night for sure!

Tickets are now available for purchase for APRIL 4th at The Vanguard.

Tickets will be on sale soon for the shows on March 23rd and 24th at Music@Street Market in Crows Nest so please save one of those dates. I would love to see you!

Always remember, You Have A Voice!

Love Simone x