Contemplating the New Year

This time of year is so significant, it is a new and blank canvas. This is a great time to contemplate and consider how this year is going to unfold for you. I hope you had a great NEW YEARS EVE and whether it was quiet and reflective or loud and crazy, it does not matter, as here we are into the new year. I had a lovely night performing in the city of Sydney with an incredible band and we were treated wonderfully all night. The fireworks on the harbour were spectacular and it was a brilliant way to bring the year in. Last year was in stark contrast, I was at home typing the last parts of my thesis and submitting it just before midnight! Two very different nights!


Considering your new year I have this reflection. After coaching THOUSANDS of lessons for twenty five years I have seen many different patterns emerge where people sometimes sabotage themselves and get in the way of their own goals. We are funny that way. So much of the journey of life is about recognising and UNDOING old patterns, JETTISONING old beliefs, and TRANSFORMING habits from sabotaging ways to new productive ways. Procrastination is another biggy that is sooooo common.

However, once clients start their coaching journey it all changes. Things shift, the lights come on, and the transformation in them becomes evident. It is not a one -off thing though, it is a dedicated, no excuses, roll up your sleeves new way of living. Then, the magic happens. The dreams start coming to pass, things become lighter, easier and more free. The things that seemed impossible and out of reach become ACTUAL real life occurrences. RESULTS start to manifest.


Last night, this exact thing that I am describing occurred. I drove into the city filled with excitement to watch Meerz, one of the singers that I coach. She was booked to perform as a support act for another well known group.

She was sooooo alive, delightful, and at home on the stage even though it was the first time she had performed a full set on her own that way. The audience ADORED her - it was a packed house - and she did and said EVERYTHING we had covered in our sessions in the lead up. Nailed it!

She looked amazing and had crafted her set with thought and care prior to being on the stage. We had envisioned the success of the night and it absolutely came to pass, and will be the first of MANY! What made it even more special was that she included TWO original songs. Epic work. To have your own music released into the world LIVE is a very special thing. I reminded her that without her beautiful audience there supporting her she would be singing in her bedroom. Haha, it is true though! As the Australian singer Kerrie Biddell used to say, “Singers are givers” so we love to have the chance to give our gifts away. I loved every second of seeing this great young singer carve out her own path with passion, diligence, and joy. YES!

Maybe it is time for you to start your coaching journey and see the areas of life you can upgrade? There is also my “coaching beyond the song” work which is less focussed on music and has more emphasis on the various aspects of your life. It is about finding where the blocks are, releasing them, and living free. There is no pit too deep. There is no chain too strong. I hope to hear from you! Your time is now.

If you love live music please keep one or all of these dates free as I will be performing with my world class live band and each show also includes a short yet powerful showcase of some singers I mentor. Do not miss it!

March 23rd – Music @Street Market - Crows Nest
March 24th – Music @Street Market - Crows Nest
April 4th – The Vanguard – Newtown

There is also the amazing SONG OF YOUR LIFE retreat May 31st for four days in the mid north coast of NSW. I would absolutely LOVE to have you! Click here for details.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the retreat or the shows. I always love to hear from you!

Always remember, You Have A Voice!

Love Simone xx