Order and Clarity

The idea of order and organisation is one that I have mentioned a few times before and I cover this ground often with my one on one clients. Highly creative people are not usually known for their amazing sense of order. What that means is, if this does not come naturally to you, working hard to achieve it is the only option.

Order in your surroundings is possible! Some people like my Dad, can do these things easily. He is productive and methodical with a strong sense of order. He has no need to rush, cram, or act randomly. He doesn’t lose things. He doesn’t keep unnecessary things. He is a prime example of how to live in an orderly way.

Order is power. Having clarity is power. Clarity in your goals, your action steps, your plans, and in your surroundings, brings a new sense of power.

Believe it or not, your goals are hindered by personal chaos or disorder. Things that are unfinished, incomplete, or disorganised, are a roadblock to you moving forward in life.

Undistracted focus only comes with clarity, and clarity comes when we rise above the disorder. This sense of order goes hand in hand with integrity. Wholeness. Keeping your word.



Working through areas of what is incomplete in your life, was one of the MANY powerful areas we worked through at SONG OF YOUR LIFE retreat in June 2018. It is literally life changing to create a sense of peace and order around you. You won’t believe the new ideas, creative opportunities and relationships that flood into your life when you focus on creating order and letting go!

I am sooooooo excited for the next retreat - the YOU HAVE A VOICE SUMMIT which will be held January 27-31, 2019 at a beautiful location in Australia - Port Douglas. We are staying at the most luxurious villa in the whole area. This will, without ANY doubt in my mind, catapult YOU to higher and higher ways of living and being. It will also provide an anchor for your purpose and vision for the year. You will learn how to express your voice in every sphere of your life in the most excellent way.

All of this powerful coaching plus amazing food, a magnificent pool, and the coolest people ever!

Experience The Recording Studio Workshop  

Experience The Recording Studio Workshop  

The price is ridiculously low as it is virtually at cost price. Why so low? So the path is EASY for you to come and benefit. I am committed to your success!

There are THREE spots left. Please contact me and take the step – join me in Port Douglas!

The EXPERIENCE THE RECORDING STUDIO WORKSHOP has been another huge game changer for so many and the 15th RECORDING workshop was held on Saturday August 11th 2018, and was sold out. 

Stay tuned for the next one. Date will be announced soon. 

Keeping My Peace On - NEW SINGLE! 

Keeping My Peace On - NEW SINGLE! 

I would also like to personally invite you to my next live show. My band are out of this world and there will be so much incredible music played. Your presence is what will make the night special. It is also the LAUNCH of my new single, “Keeping My Peace On” and I feel so excited to launch it. I don’t want you to miss out on this night! It is on September 2nd at Brass Monkey in Cronulla. What do you think? I would love to see you.

Click here for tickets.

Or call the venue to book dinner and show. (02) 9544 3844

The food is really awesome. ⭐️

It won’t be the same without YOU! 

Always remember, You Have A Voice!

Love Simone xx

September 2nd - SAVE THE DATE!

September 2nd - SAVE THE DATE!