The Dangers of Avoidance

LIVE MUSIC! There’s nothing like it! I really hope music is a part of your life, because creativity is a natural part of who we are. 

I have a show coming up THIS SUNDAY NIGHT where I’m performing with my world class band featuring the ARIA AWARD winner Pat Powell, and YOU are invited!

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The night includes in the Support Act Set, a selection of some of my wonderful singers. Some are professional, some are semi - professional, and they are ALL taking incredible courageous steps, leaps, and bounds towards their dreams. 

After coaching for twenty five years I have seen a lot. Especially in the way we as people can sabotage ourselves, our dreams, and our desires, and simply AVOID doing what’s required to advance ourselves.  

Avoidance is a “pain pattern”  that can manifest in various ways. We can avoid taking the powerful and wonderful steps life offers us and use other people’s opinions, our own excuses, (which is an extension of self sabotage) limited thinking, vacillating, (saying yes, actually no, hold on yes ok, mmmm now that I think about it, no) and all of these types of behaviours to AVOID what will actually HELP us. Procrastination goes on the list too...

As a coach my goal is to ensure people are seen, heard and challenged to stretch and grow. Also I aim to provide insights and understand where the gaps are so they can be illuminated and restored. With love, fun, and inspiration! 

When I see avoidance I know one thing. It’s costly. It means our fragmented unhealed parts are RUNNING THE SHOW and that is costly. I can’t count the amount of things I have avoided in the past - which is why I understand this pattern well. 

We can ask ourselves, where is avoidance showing up in my life? 

What if I was healed and no longer sabotaged myself? 

Let’s break down the cost and what is lost by avoidance and sabotage. 

You lose: 

- Self confidence   

- Self Worth  

- Self trust  

- Comfort

- Clarity

- Passion

- Faith  

- Power

- Money

- Intimacy  

- Authenticity

- Opportunities

- Knowledge   

- Relationships  

- Credibility   

- Integrity   

- Traction with being visible  

- Your true self

- Your dreams  

What if you decided to focus on the BENEFITS of taking a leap, or making a decision FOR YOU! Imagine the WINS! 

Lets say goodbye to the regrets and actually make a change. 

What if you could connect to the benefits of showing up, or connecting with others, or running towards your future with open arms? 

Even though I’m a voice coach, I work on many areas like this beyond singing, and I’ve seen life changing benefits which constantly blow me away. 

Please do contact me by replying to this email if you’d like to see how YOU can advance with some one on one coaching with me. It is soooo possible to ADVANCE! Any investment in YOU instantly puts you on a new trajectory. I’ve invested ENORMOUS amounts in coaching, training, and mentoring over the years and I am extremely grateful for every step. Dedicated mentors are golden to me. 

The coach I’m currently working for as her assistant coach and I’m also being coached by her: Dr Jeanine Staples, taught recently on how avoidance can wreak havoc in our lives. It really does, and it’s time to put a stop to it and transform those patterns to life - giving, inspired action. 

There ARE ways to move beyond avoidance.

I invite YOU to join me and some super amazing people who are already committed, to go deeper into creating the BEST year you’ve ever EVER had in Port Douglas at The You Have A Voice Summit! Jan 27-31, 2019. It’ll change your life in the most magnificent and spectacular way and bring ONLY BENEFITS. ALL ADVANTAGES!

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Don’t forget, I would LOVE to see you this Sunday night for a great night of music so please do come along! ❤️ It’s also the launch of my brand new single, “Keeping My Peace On.” Don’t miss out! 

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New single LAUNCH - September 2nd 2018


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