Learning to say YES

2018 has been a big six months of travel including Uganda, USA, Coffs Harbour, Melbourne, northern NSW, and Japan. The wonderful thing is that MUSIC and VOICE was somehow connected to every single location. 

In Uganda I was honoured to mentor some amazing African singers. That trip deserves a dedicated blog all on its own. (Stay tuned!)

In the USA I was working with my coach to discover how I can expand my own voice even more.  

Coffs Harbour was to attend the magnificent wedding of my beautiful friend and well known country singer/songwriter Hayley Jensen. It was singing that brought us together at least ten years ago.   

May brought the amazing opportunity to perform with my stunning Melbourne band at The Paris Cat - the premiere jazz club in Melbourne. 

June was the first ever YOU HAVE A VOICE RETREAT. “Song of Your Life” was such an incredible event which also deserves its own blog. Simply too good!  

Followed by a miraculous trip to Japan where I was honoured to speak and sing at a life changing conference in Fukuoka, and then perform a number of concerts in Nagano, as well as raise funds and awareness regarding Messenger Rescue, the organisation for which I am an ambassador.  

Seeing other cultures and broadening our mindsets is such a fulfilling way to live. It has been an incredible six months. 

Of course my Masters Degree at The Sydney Conservatorium was a major highlight. The final tweaks on my thesis are almost done and I received a High Distinction for my final recital in November 2017, which was the best news ever! It was marked overseas in New York, so we performed to cameras and a live audience. No panel. My whole band are total seasoned professionals, yet there were nerves...exams tend to have that effect! 

It wasn’t always this way for me. I’ve had to rebuild and recover from years of abuse, trauma, and extreme injustice. 

I’ve walked a very long hard road, and had to find every last bit of strength within me, often.

Today I would like to encourage you that there is hope on the other side and there is freedom. For you. It IS possible. 

At my Melbourne show one of my dear friends commented, “I loved watching you sing, and I loved watching you, because you were so free.”  

Imagine that. Moving from utterly bound right into freedom. 

This is to remind you that no matter how young or old you are, no matter what has happened in the past or how many opportunities have slipped through your fingers, you are not too young or too old - you are just right. Everything is ok. 

Dont give up. Your best days are ahead.  

Much of my coaching to my clients includes encouraging them to say YES. I’ve written about this before and I’m sure it won’t be the last time. There’s a lot of talk and buzz words around saying no, boundaries, and protecting yourself. This is all very good and worthy teaching. What I’ve experienced however, is that most people are way too safe, way too protective, and way too quick to say no. 

Furthermore your YES, if you say YES, needs to be a wholehearted yes. Not with hesitation or mixed feelings. 

When opportunities present or when you are sculpting your dreams into reality stay positive and open.  Take a risk. Take action. 

This does not mean being unwise, unnecessarily hasty, or foolish. It does mean jumping in and having a go if it makes you HAPPY/SCARED. (That phrase HAPPY/SCARED was coined by Ashley Evans in Adelaide many years ago and it has stuck with me.) Days go by quickly and the longer you procrastinate the more you’ll regret. 

You have creative ideas inside you that you need to share with us. We are waiting! 

The clients I’ve worked with over the years have come leaps and bounds using these principles. Each small step builds and strengthens your pathway, and you’ll look back amazed at how far you have come. 

One singer I mentor was booked to perform for a private function. She quoted her fee which was decent, and it would have been lovely for her to receive. The client came back and said, “no we will definitely book you, and pay you almost double that.” This is almost unheard of. It goes to show that once you take steps and take action, things start to line up FOR you. What a great win! 

I have three magnificent opportunities coming up that I encourage you to say YES to.  


Come for a full day of learning about the studio and record a full song under safe and caring guidance. This will be the 15th (!) recording workshop and every single one has been completely awesome. 

Book here

- LIVE SHOW - Simone Waddell + Band at Brass Monkey Cronulla, SYDNEY, September 2nd. Includes celebrating the release of, “Keeping My Peace On” the new single.

Book tickets here

- YOU HAVE A VOICE SUMMIT - Jan 27-31, 2019. Change your life completely. This is a deeply transformational event that will set up your 2019 to be full of your greatest victories ever. Please note: you don’t have to be a singer. This is about releasing YOUR VOICE into the world, in whatever that may look like. Reply to this email to express interest and for details. 

Always remember, You Have A Voice!

Love Simone x  

Paris Cat - Melbourne. Full house and a superb night of music 🎶

Paris Cat - Melbourne. Full house and a superb night of music 🎶

Song of Your Life Retreat - June 2018. Life changing! ⭐️ 

Song of Your Life Retreat - June 2018. Life changing! ⭐️ 

Hayley’s dream wedding.  ❤️

Hayley’s dream wedding.  ❤️

YOU ARE INVITED! Live Music! ✨

YOU ARE INVITED! Live Music! ✨