Reaching Your Goals

Welcome to the month of May!

I have been finishing off the very final stage of my Masters thesis since it has been marked, and I can see the finish line of this epic journey of completing my Masters of Music post graduate degree! The Sydney Conservatorium has been so good to me. I have been there on a full scholarship for the entire time, and I was even awarded a generous grant to fly to Auckland to present my research at the Australian and New Zealand Musicological Conference in December 2017. My dear friend Melanie Tonia Evans came along so we could have some adventures in Auckland as well. We loved Waiheke Island, visiting a jazz club, the Viaduct restaurants on the harbour, and more. New Zealand rocks!

I also received a High Distinction for my final Masters recital and the hilarious thing is my band is full of superstars, who are all A grade seasoned professional musicians in their own right, yet we were all nervous! Playing an exam is not like playing a regular gig, so it was great that it was so well received. I am actually the first jazz vocalist to complete a research Masters Degree in the history of the Sydney Conservatorium so it is important that I FINISH and in a matter of weeks I will!

It has been a long journey though the Masters, yet the truth is that nothing good comes without sacrifice. Our dreams and goals are only wishes unless they are backed up by plans, strategies, and ACTION.

Our retreat centre by night ✨Our retreat centre by night ✨

Taking time and effort to map out our days, weeks, months and years, with some kind of framework, no matter how loose, can make a huge difference in moving ourselves forward.

I have recently incorporated some new and INCREDIBLY POWERFUL weekly habits into my life, and I will be teaching these and much more GOLD at my upcoming RETREAT on June 1-4!

The thing is, I have had a lot of things go really well across my life, however MANY things have not always been rosy for me. And that is a Herculean understatement.

I believe the same is true for you. You have had some wins and you have had some heartbreaking losses. How do we make sense of it all and move towards aligning with our best and highest self? That is one of the things this retreat will cover.

Centre surrounded by nature and rainforests 🌸

The exciting news is that there are TWO spots left for this retreat which is called, "The Song of Your Life" and it is truly the most beautiful program AND location ever! I would simply love to hang out with you on the mid north coast of New South Wales for four days, to help you focus on the next steps of your journey in life, creativity, and more!

There will be rainforest walks, a free massage with gorgeous essential oils, organic chocolate on arrival, an opportunity to sing (or speak and share for the non - singers) and lots of coaching to ensure you have a PLAN to focus on and feel great about. All of this surrounded by stunning nature and with our own private chef. Come on. That is what I am talking about.

Lovely rooms and accomodation 👌 

If you know anything at all about running retreats, they cost a lot of money, however I am running this one at a massive discount to make sure anyone who really wants to come, is able to.

I have invested countless hours and dollars into developing myself in so many ways and I do not regret a moment of it. It actually amazes me how some people (dare I say most people) will spend so much time and money on anything BUT themselves. YOU are your greatest asset. The more powerful YOU are, the more everything, and I do mean everything, can flourish. I surround myself with quality coaching, mentoring, and downright awesome people. And yes, sometimes it costs money to achieve my goals. I am totally ok with this as there are always exchanges in life and I value each step I take.

Spacious - 100 acres only for us!

If you have a roadblock around spending money, time, or energy on yourself to be inspired or to grow and develop, then I encourage you to not accept that as "normal." You are amazing and full of gifts that only you can offer.

Click here to arrange your booking for The Song Of Your Life Retreat. You will love it!

I am also continuing my campaign to raise funds and awareness to help bring rescue and restoration for those trapped in sex trafficking. I deeply appreciate anyone who has donated. Please know that you can donate as many times as you like. Donate here and you will receive my brand new EP called NEW DAY as a free gift with ANY donation. This is truly such an important campaign.

I would really like to help YOU work towards making a difference in the areas that you want to as well. My coaching involves voice and much more so do contact me by replying to this email if you are ready to take the step.

Japan is on the itinerary for June as I will be speaking and singing at a conference and some concerts about this very serious issue of sex trafficking which I am honoured to have the opportunity to do. Abuse in all forms is unacceptable and things can be changed. I will also be eating my favourite soba and tempura whilst in Japan, as much as possible. It is included in the agreement. I am serious! I accepted the invite with soba and tempura as a part of my rider. I love it that much.

I still need to tell you all the UNBELIEVABLE things that happened when I was mentoring the Watoto Children's Choir and singers during January in UGANDA. Next email I will fill you in. Sooo good!

For the dear Melbourne people, I am performing a show at The Paris Cat Jazz Club on the 16th of May with a ridiculously good live band, and I would absolutely love to see your smiling faces there. Tickets are on sale now.

Don't forget to check out my invitation for you to attend, "The Song Of Your Life Retreat".

One more thing! We have ONE spot left for EXPERIENCE THE RECORDING STUDIO workshop which is Saturday 12th May. THIS SATURDAY! Come along to my FAVOURITE studio in the whole of Sydney where you always sound good! We make sure you sound awesome, and that your experience in the studio is second to none. All information and booking details are here.

I love connecting with you and hearing from you, so do let me know how things are for you.
Always remember, You Have A Voice!

Love Simone x