Your Voice Matters

I am so excited to write to you! There's soooo much to fill you in on, however I have ONE THING I'd like to share and it's what happened in NSW PARLIAMENT on March 8th 2018.

Please read till the end and PLEASE take ACTION! Go to the link, watch the video and follow your heart as to what you can do. You Have A Voice, and YOUR VOICE MATTERS! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

EXTRAORDINARY day in NSW Parliament. I feel so honoured to have been invited and I don't want to let this day go by without acknowledging what happened.

Firstly, history was made. It was the first time that a Bill of its kind was introduced into Australian Parliament. Ever! And on International Womens Day the timing was no coincidence. 

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The MODERN SLAVERY BILL 2018 includes human trafficking, slavery and slavery like practises such as servitude, forced labour, debt bondage, organ trafficking, deceptive recruiting as well as forced marriages and child brides.

The Hon. Paul Green had immense, even unanimous support, as he delivered an intelligent, factual, spiritual, powerful, emotional speech about these issues. At times it was shockingly graphic. At times he was overwhelmed with emotion. 
I spent the ENTIRE time with tears in my eyes or on the verge of tears. It was so deep and profound to witness. 

And we all know what it's like when a strong adult man is brought to genuine tears as Paul was. 

The stories of what REALLY occurs with sex trafficking, especially of kids, is obscene. The darkest and most depraved have gone way too far. 

Drugs are bought and consumed once. People can be sold over and over and over. 

It can be so hard to shout into the wilderness and by doing so it often feels like hardly anyone is listening. It feels like this is so OBVIOUS and SURELY something can be done....this is how I have felt when posting about sex trafficking, like it could be changed and helped so easily if we ALL did something. 

Finally there is some movement. Today in the legislative chamber it was POWERFUL.

I even woke up really early, feeling the anticipation of what was about to occur. 
The magnitude of this day cannot be underestimated. 
The Federal Parliament would do well to adopt this Bill nationally and use it as an example for the WORLD. 

All culture is established through LAW, (legislation) which was definitely stirred up today. 

The Bill still needs to be passed to become an Act and still requires more support. 

So far both major parties in NSW are supporting which is miraculous to have such unity in Parliament. 

The Hon. Paul Green delivered in such a remarkable, phenomenal way, and I will never forget this monumental day. 

The day one man stood up, as a voice for the voiceless to say, "Enough!" 

I truly will never forget it.


I ask again as I have asked many times already, my beautiful friends and family on here, would you PLEASE go to this link and donate something, any amount to show your support by taking some kind of action. I'm not writing this for "someone else" it's for YOU. 

We can actually create a shift where things CAN be different. Let's not look away when things like this are brought to our attention.

I am aware there are endless good causes out there, yet this is another level. Men pay to watch kids be undressed, or raped or tortured or all of it, and then murdered. I am so sorry to write such strong words yet I find it impossible to look away. All I'm asking is for some support on this extremely important day. 
I have almost fully self funded this large project simply to put a voice to these diabolical issues. 

Thanks for standing with us. Be encouraged - today was a great victory and there will be more. 

The link is here so please be generous my friends. 

Anything you can do will help so much for my campaign to make a difference for FREEDOM. Thank you so much. 

Always remember, You Have A Voice! 

Love Simone x