Live Your Life Happy/Scared


What an amazing show we had last Saturday. As promised Doug Williams did not disappoint and what a joy to have the wonderful singers showcase at the opening of the night. It was a full house at Venue 505, one of the leading jazz clubs in Sydney.  

The band were incredible and the fantastic audience was my favourite part of all.  


For some of the singers in the showcase it was a very real opportunity to create a breakthrough in confidence and to stretch their comfort zone.

It is absolutely crucial to continue to stretch and challenge yourself in areas of growth. 

Live your life “happy/scared” as Pastor Ashley Evans says. What this means is push a bit closer to the edge. Don’t always play safe. Take a leap of faith. Challenge yourself. Do more than what is comfortable and easy. Discover your next level of ability by saying, “YES!” 

The rewards for living this way are endless. The reverse is also true. If we stay small, boxed, fearful, unwilling to stretch, and making excuses, our growth is impossible. We sometimes block our own blessing. We don’t even need others to sabotage things, when we are already sabotaging, procrastinating, and constructing a solid repertoire of excuses and elaborate justifications as to why we simply must stay unseen, small, and failing. 

Consider how YOU can stretch to the next level in your life in any given area. Even if you’re afraid. Do it afraid. You’re stronger than you think. You’re more free than you think. Trust me.  

The upcoming EXPERIENCE THE RECORDING STUDIO is sold out however there is ONE room left for the YOU HAVE A VOICE SUMMIT - January 27-31st 2019. 

If this tugs at your heart, then it’s for YOU!  

I have the best feeling about what’s to come at the Summit.  

I also have a free gift to offer you. It’s a piano + vocal traditional gospel ballad. You can download it here

I would love to hear your thoughts about it! 

There are also some dates for your diary if you’d like to come to a live show in Sydney.

March 23rd, 24th and April 4th, 2019. 

Keep shining and always remember,

You Have A Voice! 

Love Simone xx