Live Show in Sydney this Saturday

Let me tell you that Melbourne delivered in its usual awesome way. I had a beautiful show at the Paris Cat Jazz Club last week. Incredible band, lovely audience, wonderful venue, and great MUSIC! 

Prior to that event, I had the honour of performing again at Parliament House for some of the nations leaders.  


And looking ahead, I feel so excited about THIS SATURDAY NIGHT!

I’d love to invite you to my next show that will be held at Venue 505 in Surry Hills, Sydney.

It is a very special night as the opening set includes a showcase of some of the AMAZING singers I have the pleasure of mentoring.

Tickets are available here.  

The wonderful thing about coaching for so many years is that there are various areas I work on with singers that can be explored and mastered. It’s more like the role of a TOTAL music coach, rather than a singing teacher. It’s broad and deep!

Here’s a few examples of what we can focus on.

  • Write a song

  • Record a song

  • Record an EP or album

  • Learn vocal technique

  • Learn to breathe correctly

  • How to use the diaphragm, jaw, and body to sing well

  • Increase aural skills and musicality

  • How to sing harmonies

  • Achieving the right mindset

  • Learn how to warm up your voice

  • How to work with a band

  • How to create an excellent performance

  • How to overcome stage fright

  • What do I wear?

  • Increase vocal power and endurance

  • Develop yourself as an artist

  • Create your identity as an artist

  • Improvising

  • Setting musical goals and completing them

  • Land a successful audition

  • Achieve an excellent performance exam result

  • Speaking and presenting

  • Create a live performance set

  • Inspire magic on the stage

  • Coaching beyond the song (abuse recovery after trauma)

  • Finding your unique voice and expression

  • Life coaching

  • Making a music video

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Creating and clarifying your unique message in business

  • Much much more!

Many of the singers who will perform on Saturday have worked on one or more of these areas and it is always a JOY to see the ongoing breakthroughs.

Doug WilliamsDoug Williams is a featured singer THIS Saturday.

So please do come along THIS SATURDAY NIGHT! In the second set my killer band will join me for some incredible music. Soul, pop, funk, and R&B style tunes that I promise you’ll love!

The night will also be featuring one of my dear friends who is one of my favourite singers: Doug Williams. We recorded a duet together for my album, “Surrender” and it is magical indeed when we have the opportunity to perform it LIVE.

Click here to book your ticket. 

The arts are such an important part of life. As the late Richard Gill said on October 31st 2011 on the Australian TV show Q&A, “Music has a profound effect on the brain, and is the prime art of all the arts.”

He also stated that, “A child without music education has no education."

Make sure MUSIC is a part of your life! 

If you don’t often venture out to see live music THIS would be a perfect opportunity to see what all the fuss is about.

We would love to see you there!

Please know that there are always events, programs, and ways to connect.

If you are unable to attend or participate in a live performance event you may be interested in a retreat, a workshop, or some one on one coaching which can transform your life.


The upcoming YOU HAVE A VOICE SUMMIT has ONE KING SIZE ROOM left and I hope it’s for YOU! Jan 27-31st 2019 in Port Douglas. A powerful program is ready to be unfolded to make 2019 your best ever.

May 31 - June 3rd 2019 - SONG OF YOUR LIFE RETREAT on the mid north coast of NSW will be unforgettable as was the last one.

Everyone will speak or sing twice in the final night concert. Too much fun! Details are here.

Do contact me with any questions or thoughts about how you can move forward with your voice, music, and life. 

Always remember, You Have A Voice!

Love Simone xx

We would love to see you there!  

The awesome band for Saturday night! This photo was taken at Circular Quay in Sydney last year.