Values and Standards


I had an amazing experience this week and I would love to share it with you. I work as a Vocal Director at a fantastic local high school with some great young singers. The Head of The Music Department is a wonderful, kind, talented and experienced man. He is a true leader and very encouraging to all the teenagers.

The day before their huge school concert it was an intense day of rehearsals and there was much to do. He had done an incredible job on the production so far. 

He began to address the students and one student was eating, talking and being distracting. He spoke firmly to the student and told them to leave the rehearsal due to their behaviour. He then said an amazing statement to the rest of the teenagers in the room. 

"I don't abide rudeness." 

His actions were then completely in line with what he declared. A great sign of integrity. 
Sometimes we "say" there are certain things we do not tolerate, and then we still tolerate them. And they often become worse. He employed a zero tolerance policy for his principle.

Maybe this example stood out to me as I am studying these concepts at the moment with one of my coaches. (Every good coach has at least one coach you know! I have a few.) 

What do we value? What are we adverse to? What principles do we hold to? 

Some ideas are:

  • I don't rush
  • I don't blame
  • I don't chase
  • I don't beg
  • I don't steal
  • I don't lie
  • I don't complain
  • I don't abide rudeness

These are standards to aspire to and work towards. Perhaps you complain and whinge every day, yet it is a habit you want to break. You can break that habit. You can make that shift. Being aware is the first step.

I received an email this week from a colleague about two people who had not responded to a very important request. Both he and I had sent correspondence about it. 
He said, "Can you chase them?" In my head I thought..."MMMmmm well, no, I don't chase," so I responded to him and the situation with an entirely new approach.

Chasing can feel very devaluing and stressful for the chaser, and no one really needs that. We have all been there and we all know how difficult it is to chase people. 

Don't chase, and don't put others in a position where they feel that they need to chase you. And keep your word.

These principles will change your life. 

I encourage you to think on these things and I am sure you will find some more examples. See which areas you have allowed compromise into your life. Could those areas handle some tightening up?

Integrity and wholeness is having your beliefs, thoughts, words and actions aligned. 


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Love Simone x