Foundry 616

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I feel so happy to write to you and touch base. I don't want to ever wait too long between drinks, or blogs. I wonder if you have also been feeling how intense and stretching this season of life is at the moment? Big decisions, big workloads, big ideas that you are thinking about...even big opportunities. My best friend Rachelle is having a baby this month. She is stretched. Literally. It is super exciting. 

So many of you that I have connected with personally are feeling REALLY pressured. This is a good thing! Hold on. Do not give up. It is often hard when you are IN it, awfully hard, however you WILL emerge shiny and amazing, after breaking through to a new powerful place. Growth is not always easy.

Aim to focus on the fact that who you need to be for what is ahead, is being created in your body, soul and spirit. Things are aligning. Lining up. Falling into order. Rejoice! 

Dear one, I have a very special invitation for you. I would absolutely love YOUR presence at my next show. It is at Foundry616 in Ultimo, Sydney, on September 14th. You can even book a group in and make a night of it.

There is a brand new "New Orleans" menu if you book dinner and show, otherwise General Admission is excellent value.

My band is magnificent and the music and vibe will be fun and wonderful. 

Please do have a look at the site where tickets are sold.

You will also see more information about the event. 

If you have any particular requests you would like to hear on the night PLEASE send them. This night is all about the music and enjoying every part of it. That is the only agenda!


Always remember, You Have A Voice!

Love Simone x