So much has been happening this year and I have some great news! I am really pumped about this one! I recently filmed a really cool music video for the song, "Brokenness" from my album, "Surrender." I was very blessed with an amazing crew and it was also fantastic to collaborate on the video with my beautiful friend from High School, Shelley Ebeyer.

Shelley is a magnificent dancer and she totally owned her moment in the clip. I also invited two of my former vocal students who are now professional dancers, Rachel Trent and Luke Mangraviti, to dance in the clip. Wait till you see it! It is awesome! 

It was absolutely incredible to work with so many talented people. The icing on the cake was filming at my friends Josh's place. Some of you who have been travelling with me for a while may remember Josh Quong Tart teaching at my YOU HAVE A VOICE workshops in 2008 and 2009. He was outstanding then and he still is now. 

The music video for "Brokenness" will be released very soon, however BEFORE THAT, I would love to show you the BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO as it covers all the aspects of making the video.

Importantly I talk about how I was inspired by my dear friend, Melanie Tonia Evans. She has such amazing insight and one day I read some of her work and wrote the song, "Brokenness" based on what she was expressing and explaining. It was quite revolutionary. What an incredible friend and positive influence she has been. 

I would really love it if you are keen, to take a moment and purchase the track, "Brokenness" on iTunes.

It is less than $2 yet every download counts. If you prefer CDs, hey...I will always have part of my heart with cassettes haha, love them!....Anyway CDs of the album, "Surrender" can be purchased in the store and I am so grateful to all of you who have already purchased one. Thank you.

I would love to know your thoughts about the track and this BEHIND THE SCENES video so please do let me know. By the way, this interview was filmed on one of the HOTTEST days on record for a Sydney summer, which explains why at times I look like I am melting into the carpet...Seriously! It was sooo hot!

The song was produced by the legendary Australian guitarist Jim Kelly and we had such a great time in the studio.

There are some other exciting things that I will be announcing in the upcoming emails so please stay tuned. 

Here is the link for the BEHIND THE SCENES - BROKENNESS MUSIC VIDEO, and on behalf of all involved we hope you enjoy it. 

Always remember, You Have A Voice!

Love Simone x