New Day

The day has FINALLY arrived! We have been working on this project for the longest time and there have been highs and lows, delays and challenges, yet we are finally here!

New Day cover jpg(1).jpg

My desire is to make a mighty difference to FREE people from sex trafficking. 
An EP of four songs was created for this very purpose. My EP called NEW DAY is released on DECEMBER 16th - TODAY - which is also my birthday
One of the best presents I can imagine is to know that this music will be released into the world for one specific purpose and that is to FREE people who are trapped. These songs were created with love, with the intention to uplift and encourage. 

We have set up a campaign for you to donate. As a thank you gift you will receive a FREE copy of NEW DAY. Please give the amount you feel in your soul and spirit to give.  It is LIVE now and from the bottom of my heart I ask for your heart to be open so we can do something significant in this area. Enough is enough. Even kids and babies are bought and sold....

It saddens me greatly that we live in a world where sex-trafficking even happens. 
I am partnering with MESSENGER RESCUE and SIGNATURE MUSIC DESIGN (non - profit record label) for this project. Messenger Rescue is the new name for Pearl Alliance. Same organisation and same ethos. 

MR is entirely reputable and to date has achieved over 1000 rescues and over 250 arrests. There is traction yet we have only scratched the surface. 

FYI - in case you are wondering...have I personally invested in this project? Yes, big time. Very big time. In large finance, large time, and large energy. Because enough is enough. 

Here is the link to donate and also please watch and share the video and find out more about the whole campaign.

Lets do what we can together.

Please stay tuned for updates. And of course feel free to share anything about this campaign that you can. If you have any ideas regarding how to make a difference in this area or would like to assist in any way if this issue resonates with you, please do contact me. 

Always remember, You Have A Voice! 
Love Simone xx