How's Your Integrity?

If you've read my last blog, you'll know I've been mentioning integrity. It's soooo important if you want your life to flow in alignment and harmony. 

Here's the dictionary definition of INTEGRITY:

  1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. 
  2. the state of being whole and undivided.

The first part I think we all know. Integrity relates to trustworthiness and honesty. 

However, the second part is what I find most interesting. When we are NOT in integrity, we are NOT WHOLE. This is really so deep.

Unfinished projects, repeatedly not keeping our word to ourselves and others, acting in unscrupulous, dishonest or underhanded ways...all these things and many more will affect our integrity and more importantly - our state of WHOLENESS. 

If you are operating in integrity, you are whole.
Let that sink in. 

The opposite applies of course. 

When you're NOT in integrity - in any area at all, you're divided. This brings instability, lack of clarity, burn out, people pleasing, stress, frustration, broken relationships, people won't trust you, and on and on. 

Here's a great life lesson to apply that I originally heard T. Harv Eker teach.

"My word is law."

I love it. So simple, yet profound.

Can YOUR word be counted on? Can YOU count on your own word? 

These are great things to ponder.
Also to consider where YOU can improve in matters of integrity. 

A good sign is to ask yourself what is "out of order" in your life?

Are your finances systemised?

Have you promised to pay someone, call someone, go to the gym, etc etc and not done it? 

If you give your word to someone and you're unable to fulfill it for whatever reason, do you inform them or do you simply not show up, not call, or not deliver without ANY explanation or communication? 

Is each room of your home clean and organised?

Are there any broken items?

Are you chronically late? 

Do you fail to keep your word or do you say things and not follow through, not show up, promise to do something and fail to?

Do you have unresolved issues, business dealings or agreements?

Is your car clean?

Are your personal files in order? 

Are you in debt? Do you have a strategy to get out of debt?

Are you holding onto anything that you don't need or use?

Do you have anything borrowed that you need to return?

Are you doing anything that abuses your body, mind or spirit? 

Do you have any relationships that are unresolved? 

This is not an exhaustive list. This is a brief overview to explain that INTEGRITY is a huge life issue. Creating balance and order by taking ACTION is how to get freedom here. 

It won't change if you are thinking about it, writing about it or talking about it. It's really about DOING. Do what needs to be done. Just do it! 

I hope you take this principle on and really consider and examine how you can grow in this area. It's a big one. It's the pathway to WHOLENESS so it's worth considering don't you think?

Choose one area you can improve on regarding integrity and commit to taking ACTION to make a difference in your life. It's so doable! 

Integrity is too important to ignore.

It's an honourable, solid virtue and it equals WHOLENESS. 

Remember that integrity is "the state of being whole and undivided." 

By the way, I LOVE hearing your feedback and how YOU are going. Keep me posted dear one. 

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Love Simone x