I Fell

In Lismore, the town in Northern NSW where I went to university, there is an Aboriginal Cafe. It's called, "Gunna Wanna Be." Such a great name! It's so true of all of us at times. "I'm gunna do this, I wanna do that..." We have all spoken these words. Maybe not with such intense vernacular, however the "I'm gunna," ("going to" for any non - Aussies) can creep into our language and stay there. This is totally fine if we DO follow through, however if we don't..then...you know...it is not ideal. It becomes an integrity issue. 

Integrity is HUGE. It's so huge. It impacts so many areas of life. 

I spoke to my good friend Donny Rogers today. Whilst talking I thanked him for coming out to my live album launch recently and he said, "Simone, I told you I was coming, and it's all about integrity. If I say it, I do it." It was MUSIC to my ears! I absolutely love that and I love when people have had a revelation about the importance of integrity. Keeping our word is the first step in getting our integrity in order. 

The first person we need to keep our word to is ourselves. Consider the times and situations where you have said, "I'm gunna do....I wanna be..." 

Write them down. Commit. Start moving through them, even if it's uphill movement. 

We are all a work in progress so make today a new day and move forward!

I hope to write more on this as I really LOVE the virtue of integrity. 

Also, I have some exciting news..

I'm so excited to share my brand new music video, "I Fell" created by Koffi Music Media from the album, Surrender.

This was shot at VIVID - the amazing light display in SYDNEY. One of the coolest parts was my beautiful friend and well known singer/songwriter Hayley Jensen came to help out on the shoot and alongside was her fantastic partner Kris. They became the "A grade" lighting team. 

We had the best time! 

I really loved recording this track and honestly the whole album is something I really believe in. 

If you don't have a copy of Surrender, I totally encourage you to do so! Some people have told me that they have been in tears from the impact of the lyrics. I'm a big believer in SINGING FROM THE SOUL and if someone's heart is ready for it, it'll hit right there. You can purchase your copy from the store.

I would love to hear what you think and what your favourite song is. 

There are also lots of wonderful items in the STORE. The YOU HAVE A VOICE hoodies are soooo popular. I wear them constantly! 

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Thanks for watching/sharing/supporting. 
You're amazing. 

Always remember, You Have A Voice!

Love Simone x