Album Launch Wrap Up

I really want to send out a massive THANKYOU to everyone who came to Foundry616 and to The Brass Monkey for my live shows to launch the album SURRENDER.

Two amazing nights were had, and I was so blessed with a ridiculously great band and beautiful audiences. 

Recording an album is an incredible experience and collaborating with fantastic musicians making the songs come to life is one of the best things ever. 

Taking it to the live stage is another step altogether and I'm so happy that the songs and lyrics resonated with so many people. 

Here's some of the feedback:

"Every single song is excellent. Usually albums have two or three good songs, but this album - every song is excellent"

"The groove meter just blew up, my speakers couldn't handle the glory!!!!!!!"

"Such a great experience for me, I loved your performance, your music, your lyrics, I found it touching, moving & inspiring. Great work & honoured to have been there."

"I walked out of the launch a different person because your lyrics penetrated my soul & I THANK YOU"

"So inspirational & awesome!"

"Spent time at the Brass Monkey in Cronulla seeing Simone absolutely capture the audience. Living her dream, making an impact. Beautiful original songs written from her heart. New album Surrender available including a song This Too Shall Pass.

"Simone, you were wonderful and awesome. Surrender album - I have been listening to it over and over!" 

To have Jim Kelly, the producer of the album and guitar player extraordinaire fly down from Northern NSW to attend both nights was definitely the icing. 

The amount of people who have told me they fell in love with the song, "Baby I'm Sorry" is off the charts. Doug Williams who graciously performed with me on that duet both nights as well as singing the track on the album was a total highlight. 

I would love to hear YOUR thoughts about the music on SURRENDER. 

It's available on CD in the store

Or on iTunes

Special gratitude to:

- My Live Band: Dave Holmes, Ralph Marshall, Mitch Farmer, Annie Z, Michael Meaco, Mary Kiani and Rebecca Henry.
- Also to Katherine Vavahea, Doug Williams and Rebecca Henry for their featured acts. 
- Jim Kelly as the Guest of Honour
- Ella Elias for the GORGEOUS dress. 
- Ricci - Lee McFadden and May from Moni Gabrielle's Team for Hair and Make Up
- Captured By Martin for Photography
- Foundry616 and The Brass Monkey for being fantastic venues that support and facilitate LIVE MUSIC! 

Always remember, You Have A Voice!
Love Simone x