Finishing Things


So much has happened in the last few months as I'm sure it has for you also. I had an incredible time performing in Japan each night at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Fukuoka. Playing an amazing crystal grand piano and enjoying the Japanese life was a wonderful experience. A beautiful end to the whole contract was that my friend Melanie Tonia Evans flew over from Melbourne to spend the last week with me. We enjoyed the sakura (cherry blossoms), onsens (hot springs), and some of the Japanese landmarks, food and sites. It was the best. She also came to every single show of mine that week! I love Japan and I can safely say that I thoroughly enjoyed the five-star lifestyle I lived while I was there for four months.

Now living back in Australia I have to make my own cup of tea again, drive myself around and I don't have a fully equipped gym ninety seconds from my room. So tough! Can you believe it?! Just joking, I am actually ok with is lovely to be home again too!

I wanted to write a quick and IMPORTANT blog about FINISHING THINGS.

Please take a moment to think on the things that you've dreamed of, spoken about, started or put on the back burner. Even write a list of what comes to mind. I want to remind you that there is huge power in finishing things. Getting things over the line. Signing off.

We all have things on the go that we haven't quite finished yet and I want to encourage you to KEEP GOING! Get it finished! Whatever it is. Even if there's a lot of things, write them out and get into tackling them.

It could be unfinished creative projects, ideas or jobs around the house. Things you began and had to abandon for any number of reasons. Pick it up again, whatever it is. Even things that started as an idea and never went any further, yet you are still “thinking” about it. Do it! Would you believe this is actually all related to the concept of integrity? It is! Your personal integrity will go up a level when you finish what you start. When you do what you say you will do. Remember a promise to yourself is equally as important as a promise you make to someone else. If it takes you longer than you initially wanted to, simply reset the goal or deadline and keep going! You can do it. Then CELEBRATE in some way when you get it over the line. Let me know what YOUR thing is that you are now going to refocus on. I always love hearing from you.

I have a really important announcement too!!! I have been working on recording some original music and the great news is, THE ALBUM IS FINISHED!

It is called, “SURRENDER.”

I would absolutely LOVE to share it with you!

To order a copy on CD please visit the STORE.

If you prefer to download, it is on iTunes

Surrender is an album full of glorious moments of musical creativity. Original music with strong melodies, layered harmonies and magnificent instrumentation that will leave you wanting more. I have collaborated with some of the best musicians in Australia to deliver what Jim Kelly the producer is calling, "the best playing of his life."

Each song has a story. Each song is unique.

The strength of, "Brokenness" is contrasted by the beauty of, "All Your Colours." The groove in "I Fell" is balanced by the masterpiece arrangement of, "I Believe." The intricate backing vocals on a number of tracks by internationally known singers Doug Williams and Mary Kiani, bring new levels of texture and resonance. The duets with Doug, "Baby I'm Sorry" and with the darling of the Byron Bay funk scene Vanessa Baker, "Tone Ranger Jam" are standouts. "This Too Will Pass" carries a vital message as does, "Find Your Voice." The intimacy of "No Once Comes Close" and the power of "Superstar" help to complete this body of work. The incredible addition of the "Brokenness Remix" produced by Jason "Jhot!" Scott is receiving rave reviews.

This is an album that you will enjoy over and over.

One of my favourite songs from the album is called, “This Too Will Pass.” The video is on youtube. 

Here is some of the AMAZING feedback from the song and video!

“This is PERFECT!!!!  The message is Truth! Your voice and the words, sublime! You are gorgeous, and your makeup is stunningly beautiful!! Keep Being YOU, from one Thriver to Another!! BRAVO!!!!”

“Wow darling lady - I am blown away with HOW wonderful this is. You look gorgeous, and as always you sound like an angel!! SOOOOO love you!!”

“Simone..... Simone.... that track sounds absolutely magnificent. Yet it still sounds simple and nice, in a good way. It's under-stated, the approach. Major victory. Congratulations girlfriend.”

“Simone this is freaking fantastic... it sounds amazing, the VOCALS are so WIDE. Just magnificent.”

“I am going online right now to buy this!”

“Wow Simone Waddell, Wow! Very beautiful, divine, loving song. All gorgeous, you Simone, the lyrics & message are all top class of the very best, sung like An Angel from heaven. Bless You! I loved it all.”

“Simone, beautiful song thank you xxx”

“Dear Simone. I am moved to tears and dance by this beautiful track. Congrats on your amazing and inspiring achievements. I'm feeling heartened by your song and encouraged by you as I ask myself 'when will I feel better than this?' Thank you for sharing. With gratitude.”

“A lovely song and beautifully sung. Thank you Simone. It's just what I need to hear right now.”

“I needed this today. Thank you!”

“Beautiful Simone! 'This Too Shall Pass' has been my motto thru every Trial and Tribulation I have faced. It has truly helped me become a Thriver.”

“My abusive Mom used to say this to me ALL the time, and I hated hearing it! NOW, you bring this saying a wonderful new meaning and perception! All things made new!!!! ALLELUIA!!! Many thanks for this beautiful new way of Being FREE in song!”

“Love it Simone... You're a genius. I hear your message.”

“Oh Simone I absolutely love this! Its exactly what I needed to hear and literally gave me life. Thank u for singing from a deep and true place. I had so many goosebumps feeling the depth of heart and soul in your music.So beautiful you are ♡♡♡

“I know you've written this song Simone, from a lived experience of struggle and having to live out this truth which makes the song even more powerful to listen to.”

“Me I like. Very sweeeeet Simone!

Can't get over this tune. Just love it.”

 “OMG Simone, shivers up my spine listening. Absolutely stunning xxxx”

 “I needed that. Thanks. Beautiful voice too.”

“I've been singing it to myself overnight as a soothing mantra. Thank you.”

“Wow, goosebumps!”

So please do go to the STORE and buy the album as I am SURE there will be more songs that you will enjoy.

Finally, I am doing TWO LIVE SHOWS to launch this album!

June 22nd Foundry 616, Ultimo, Sydney. More info and tickets

June 23rd Brass Monkey, Cronulla, Sydney. More info and tickets

PLEASE book some tickets at those links above and come along so I can see you face to face! That would be the absolute best and it WILL NOT be the same without YOU! Seeing live music is one of the best ways to be inspired in body, soul and spirit. Please book early!

Lots and love and always remember

You Have A Voice!

Love Simone