Be Free

It is a very interesting time at the moment. People everywhere are going through fire and personal challenges in a deep way. People are getting stretched and even having crisis scenarios all over the place. This is because things are shifting and changing around us. Can you feel it? A new season is approaching and old ways of being, living, thinking and acting that were not serving us need to fall away to make space for the better brighter things to come. Some of the ways we operated in the past that need to be "up levelled" are really intensifying, to where we can no longer deny it. We either accept the offer to face it and grow through, up and out of it or we do another lap or many more laps around the mountain of frustration or pain. It even includes physical clutter. Stuff. Around the house. In your living environment. Things that served you before can go now. You are probably already in tune with this and it is time to act on it. 

I am extremely delighted that a beautiful friend of mine who is a global expert at coaching people through to new levels of empowerment and healing is making her way to Sydney for an incredible workshop. I am so excited to let you know that Melanie Tonia Evans is joining me to teach a workshop that will be without the question the most impacting weekend you could imagine. 

Melanie has worked with tens of thousands of people in over fifty countries around the world. Many are desperate for her to travel to their country so I am privileged that she is coming right to my house for this intensive weekend workshop! It is unbelievably special. 

When I stumbled across Melanie's work a few years ago, I was blown away and I continue to be blown away. 

Both Mel and I love to see ourselves and others breaking through to new levels. It is hard to really describe in words what will take place. This workshop is not for everyone. This is for people who really want to go to the next level in their life, growth, healing and total transformation. Who you need to be for the next season is not who you are today. This weekend will fast track you through your path and old patterns, hurts, pains, frustrations, blocks and circumstances. These will be addressed so that you can BE FREE to fly right into what is next for you. This is not only for singers. This is for those who desire to grow and BE FREE. Men or women.

I cannot recommend this weekend highly enough. I want to see you BE FREE to be, do and have all that you are meant to in life. This will only come through true inner work and healing and we will show you how and the steps you need. The way forward. And upward. Please click here for more information and register right now so you do not miss out. 

The cost of hiring Melanie Toni Evans and I combined for even just one hour is hundreds of dollars. Yet this is an entire weekend and we both will be giving our best in areas we dearly love to work on. Please register now.

The other event I would really LOVE your company at is my jazz album launch for MY ROMANCE. Produced by the iconic musician Jim Kelly, it is an incredible body of work. I have a great band and would simply adore it if you could come along. October 8th at Foundry616 in Ultimo. Your support is so much appreciated. We are going to have the best night!!

Click here for details and to book your tickets.

My heartfelt invitation is extended to you for the BE FREE empowerment workshop.

And for MY ROMANCE album launch

Don't forget you can grab the CD in the store.

Always remember, YOU HAVE A VOICE!

Love Simone x