See Her Again

I am delighted to announce the release of a brand new song. It is called, "See Her Again."

A dear friend of mine recently had an angel baby....a stillborn. For anyone who has experienced such loss, you know how deep the grief runs. I felt compelled to write this song when I heard the news. Even in the sadness, we can always have hope. Sometimes we have to train our thoughts and strongly arrest our thinking before it goes too low, especially in times of heartache. 

Honestly when I first wrote it, there was only sheer grief in the lyrics. Over time I rewrote it and changed some of the lyrics to words of hope. 

This I know for sure, when we say positive, life giving declarations about ourselves and our voice like, "I have a voice" or "I am thankful every day for..." it is not just for a cool new thing to say. No! It goes way deeper than that. It is scientifically proven that when we think and say things with a positive, hopeful and grateful mindset we actually CHANGE OUR BRAIN. We actually change the pathways in our brain. Yes. True. Amazing. 

"How you think and what you are thinking...are being proven scientifically to have as much if not more influence over our genes than diet or exercise. This is an emerging new field called Epigenetics and means control over and above the genes. This is very exciting because it means we are not victims of biology, as we have been erroneously told, but are "captains of our souls" (from the poem Invictus)." - Dr Caroline Leaf. 

So, please understand that even in your darkest hour, if all you can manage is to say, "I am thankful I can breathe" or, "I am thankful for the sun shining today," then please say that! 

I was out this week and saw a girl walking with a stick as she was blind. It made me immediately more grateful for what I sometimes take for granted. My gift of sight. 

So much we take for granted. So easily we fall into negative mindsets. Yet we CAN have a new perspective unfold, all based on how we think, what we say and what we believe.

I am absolutely no stranger to sorrow. I promise you that one of the ways I actually overcome in life is by training myself into maintaining a thankful mindset. Regardless. Some days you can write big long lists of reasons you can be thankful. Some days, you will struggle to reach ten things. Yet when you develop your "gratitude muscle" you will start to see things all around you that are blessings. Just everywhere.

So, even though the genesis of this song was a deeply sad time, the hope is still woven throughout. There is also the reality of not being totally ok with things as they are, with a lyric like, "I want to say it's well with my soul" knowing that it is NOT well with my soul...yet...

Grief is an important process. Life is not all happy. Far from it. It is joy and pain. Mixed. However, when the pain outweighs the joy in a long term way, there ARE ways to shift this. Your spirit holds onto many beliefs that may or may not be serving you. You could be in the habit of saying things that do not actually serve you. Just have a think right now, and examine yourself in this area. Is there anything you are thinking, doing, or saying that is working against you?  Take a moment and see what comes to mind that may not be the best belief or mindset. How can you replace it with something more loving, truthful, uplifting, or thankful? 

Please download a copy of this song and enjoy it. It is for a beautiful little girl who is now in heaven. 

The song was arranged and produced by Sydney based African musician Gervais Koffi who also co-wrote the song with me.

Here it is, "See Her Again."

Always remember, "You Have A Voice!" 

Love Simone x