Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!!!

Christmas is such a special time and this year I'm in Japan on a singing contract where I play a beautiful crystal piano each night. There are only two crystal pianos in all of Japan and this is one of them - at The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Fukuoka.

It's a fabulous place with a great gym, pool, spa, steam and sauna plus accomodation at the Hyatt, flights, room service, a lovely restaurant and even laundry all included. I'm really thankful that music has taken me so many places and even you and I have connected through music. How awesome!

I hope that you can find some time before the year ends to consider, reflect and imagine what you would like to see happening for YOU in 2016. It's really good to WRITE what you hope for and even pray over all you have written.

The desires you have in your heart are there for a reason. Not to frustrate you - to guide you.
So write them out. Even if you've written them year after year and you're still waiting on some, don't give up! It's not over!

I wish you peace, joy and happiness for Christmas and for 2016. May it surpass anything you could even imagine.
You are loved dear one.

Please do have a look in the STORE for gift ideas for yourself and for others. Especially the NOT SILENT range. These t shirts and singlets are my absolute favourite. You will be assisting in rescuing women and children from sex trafficking.

I think it's important to let you know that ANYTHING you ever purchase in the Store, (posters, DVD sets, vocal exercises, hoodies, music, CDS etc) or any one on one coaching, or any workshop that you attend with me - a portion of the funds always goes to help rescue women and children from sex trafficking. By finding your own voice you are simultaneously helping others. So THANKYOU.

Sending lots of love from Japan,
Always remember, You Have A Voice!
Love Simone x