Be Free Workshop - Wrap Up

Hi Everyone,

My life is often following one idea or vision after the other. Do you experience this too?

I had an idea to run an intimate and powerful workshop at home with my dear friend Melanie Tonia Evans. I thought it would be great if she flew up from Melbourne for my album launch, then a day of relaxing, (massages, facials...all that good stuff) then run an empowerment workshop, walk through the rainforest, and finally have dinner out on the final night to celebrate her birthday and all the wins. She turned 49. She looks 25. Not even kidding.

So it went from an idea to reality - we did all that and more. It was sensational!
The workshop was BE FREE. Freedom in life, healing, transformation and expansion is something I could talk about all day long. And so can Mel. So it was simply the perfect combination.

I think it's so important to follow our heart and trust our intuition and instinct. 

It's a beautiful thing when we are guided by our own inner voice and it works out in amazing ways - even beyond the vision or dream we originally had.

I hope you trust your own voice and follow your heart when it is leading you somewhere. Sometimes it's a stretch. Yet as my wise friend Valery Murphy once told me, "the stretch is worth it."

If we ever run another BE FREE don't miss it!!

It'll absolutely change your life as it has for those who attended. So if you hear or see any information about another BE FREE - please be all over your registration, "like a seagull on a chip" as Mel would say.

Here are just a few testimonials below and some pics from our incredible BE FREE workshop. It was downright amazing. We loved it.

There is one more workshop this year and it is our incredible EXPERIENCE THE RECORDING STUDIO workshop. There's nothing like recording in a top studio and we will teach you what you need to know and you'll record a song!

As always there's fabulous things in the Store including my latest jazz CD, "My Romance" so do have a look around.

Always remember,
You Have A Voice!
Love Simone xx

"What an amazing weekend. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU.
I feel very blessed to meet two inspirational and life changing women - Simone and Mel - as well as the group of gorgeous souls I spent this weekend with. THANKYOU all for sharing a part of my journey."

"Thankyou so much for a freakingly amazing weekend. I have experienced many "A-ha" moments and shifted closer to being free. I loved the exercises and activities and felt safe to express myself fully. Keep up your healing and uplifting work! You both inspire me to live a life of courage and transparency."

"Dear Simone and Mel, finding the right words to THANKYOU both for this weekend is difficult as this has been a life changing experience. The freedom and confidence I now have for this next part of my journey is overwhelming and exhilarating. I am excited beyond words!
You are both amazing inspirational women who I have been so blessed to have made the connection. Love and Thankyou."

"This weekend has helped me see what areas I need to work on and how to work on these at home. It was also a great start to beginning to shift some of these beliefs. I was so inspired by the amazing people I have met here and their stories. THANKYOU Simone and Melanie for your advice and inspiration."

"The Be Free Workshop was so moving and enlightening, with the combination of finding my voice with clearing those unspoken deep limiting beliefs. My heart is singing."

"THANKYOU both so much for the time spent, helping me to experience awesome experiences and bringing me a lot of inner peace into my soul. Bless you both - you're true darlings."

"Melanie and Simone are amazing. They both have overcome some serious trauma and are passionate at sharing their experience to others and how to reclaim their life. Very powerful."

"I found the weekend workshop BE FREE really helpful. It gave me a lot of insight into things that I had not been able to resolve elsewhere. Unlike other workshops it provided a means/way to release what was affiliated to the insight. Really helpful!"

"I loved being in nature to feel a complete change in my body. BE FREE was an in depth workshop and was life changing."

"The two day workshop with Simone and Mel was very informative, inspirational and healing. My mind and heart were fully present in the sessions and felt connected to the whole group. Both ladies were dedicated and very eager to share bigger parts of themselves. I felt very comfortable and accepted. I fully recommend the journey. BE FREE!"