NEWSTART - Temperance

This is a really cool and interesting topic to cover today as we move through the acronym: NEWSTART. Just to refresh, the letters all stand for something to do with health.


This blog is about TEMPERANCE. The dictionary defines the term as, “the espousal of moderation, marked by personal restraint. Upheld as a virtue.”

Oh to have temperance! Restraint! Self control!

Basically the first idea is to completely abstain from what is always and only ever bad for you. Eg cocaine, nicotine or dare I say it, soft drink. 
Secondly, moderate other things, by not having them to excess. This covers virtually anything else. Even “good” things. 
Finally, make sure you include things that are good and necessary, eg: water and fresh vegetables.

The actual word that best fits here is an old fashioned word:  “abstemiousness”
Abstemiousness is defined as, “Moderation in eating and drinking or the trait of avoiding excesses.” However, it doesn’t fit it the acronym, so temperance wins.

Excesses are fun at the time…and then…they are just not fun afterwards. No more fun to be had afterwards.

Being temperate in life across all areas is an excellent goal to have. 

Balance, balance, balance. 

Those with addictive personalities struggle a lot with this concept. The “all or nothing thinking” can be very detrimental. It goes like this, “well I have wrecked my healthy eating by having a piece of cake, so I may as well finish off the whole cake now.” This is a catastrophic way of thinking and it won’t serve you. Time to arrest it.                                                                              

Most people who are fit and healthy have this trait of moderation working fairly well. It is a real secret weapon. For any of you who were taught to finish every single thing on your plate – even when you were not hungry, there is some work for you to do to retrain yourself. 

Don’t blame your folks. 

I know you want to. 

They had no idea though. 

They were just going with the flow of that era, even though it was not a very evolved way to live. I remember as a little girl hearing about the starving children in Africa, and why I should finish my dinner because they did not have the food I had. I wished so so so hard they would just come to my house…all the starving African kids…I would give them EVERYTHING! I just did not want it, yet I had to eat it, for them, somehow… which made no sense to me, even back then.  
Now you know better so you can do better.


So to live temperately and moderately, it actually runs across many areas. Too much of anything is not good usually. Neither is leaving out what you should be including. That is also not good.

Do your best to incorporate these concepts into your own life. 

Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine and Temperance. 

Go forth and be temperate my dear ones.

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Always remember, 

Love Simone xx