I have been waiting for a nice block of time to write this next blog. It hasn't happened. I am on deadline with loads of things. Loads. Can you relate? Life moves fast sometimes, so it is even more important at those times to ensure that we are on top of our health and staying balanced.

So far in our NEWSTART acronym, we have covered NUTRITION, EXERCISE, WATER, SUNSHINE, TEMPERANCE and now we have AIR.

Fresh air is vital for health. Oxygen is literally the be all and end all. Clean air and a well oxygenised body is so important for maintaining optimum health. All our bodily functions require oxygen to work efficiently. 

Singing is awesome because it focusses so much on breathing and the use of air. Singers usually have far superior breathing to most people as they have trained specifically in this area. Singers are often aware of their breath control and the different breathing techniques they can use to assist in voice production. Singing is good for so many reasons! Good breathing is certainly one of them.

I do encourage you to do breathing exercises and to concentrate on breathing deeply and slowly. Make sure that when you inhale you are expanding your belly, not raising your shoulders. This one simple tip can totally change the way you breathe and start to take you along the best track possible for improved breathing skills. 

I have some excellent breathing exercises on my double CD set, Fundamental Vocal Technique Exercises available in the Store which many of you are already using. For those that are not, please do invest in a set for yourself and start experiencing the benefits. 

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I aim to get outdoors as much as possible to increase my fresh air, sunshine exposure and exercise time. I encourage you to do the same! 

Don't underestimate the importance of fresh air. Oxygen is everything! Breathing deeply is also the first default response when dealing with high levels of pain. Ladies, I am sure you recall childbirth....

Take a moment now just to breathe in deeply and breathe out slowly three times. Choose to relax and let go of some stress. Repeat often. 

I have included some recent photos in this blog from Byron Bay in Northern New South Wales. The beach is a GREAT place to go and get some beautiful fresh air. Being in nature, particularly in bare feet, is one of the most levelling and grounding practices you could ever incorporate into your life.

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Please don't forget to let me know what you have been up to, send me a quick note as I always love hearing from you.

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Always remember, 


Love Simone x

ps: the pics in this blog and the blog about SUNSHINE were taken by my talented friend Maria Butler.