NEWSTART - Sunshine

I truly hope some of the health advice has been sinking in and helping you make some changes.
Nutrition, exercise and water were already covered in the previous blogs, and they are absolute building blocks for health.

Remember that for you to bring your gifts to their fullness you need to be at your best. Physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Sometimes it can seem unrelated to focus on something not precisely on target to your goals. Talking about what you eat, how much you exercise or how you are organising your workspace or your is that related to your bigger picture? Well it IS related. It's all an expression of you.
The reality is that when you have your foundational steps taken care of, you will create the perfect platform to build upon, so trust the journey.

We are now going to briefly cover one of my favourites in the NEWSTART acronym. (Are they all my favourite?)


This one is simple to cover. The sun has been demonised to such an extreme level that people are actually afraid of it. Relax everyone. Just relax. Yes of course too much sun or too much ANYTHING isn't good. Give yourself a new motto. "Sun is good."
(Counter some of that "sun is bad" message that has gone a bit too far.)
The truth is that the Australian sunshine is stronger than many other countries. When I lived in numerous other countries I never encountered sun as strong as Aussie sun. I've also been sunburnt, badly, by the Aussie sun more times than I could ever count.
However, from a health point of view we actually need sunlight.
We need Vitamin D which the sun brings. We need sunlight for our mood, our skin, our immunity, our growth and repair of cells, our overall body clock, our sleeping cycle and so much more.
It is healing and it is life giving.

Did you know that suicide rates increase in countries that experience a dark and cold winter? Sunshine really makes a difference.

If you can try and get out into the sunshine for about twenty minutes each day, that's the minimum you require to keep your body functioning well and completing all the processes it needs to. Of course use common sense and be careful about sun exposure in the middle of the day, especially in summer. However, the terror about being in the sun at all is quite overblown.

Sunscreen (natural if possible) and covering up with hats and clothing is required for extended periods of being outdoors. However, you can have a short amount of time outdoors daily, when the sun isn't as strong and this will boost your health and bring many wonderful benefits too.

Embrace nature which all has a plan and a design to benefit you. Sunshine is a part of that.

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Also our new date for the next Introduction to The Recording Studio has been announced!
It is September 13th 2014.
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Why not take a little walk in the sun today? Two birds - one stone. Exercise/Sunshine.

Always remember,


Love Simone xx

ps here is a live clip I recorded at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. A jazz standard called, "Autumn Leaves." Enjoy!

Also please let me know what YOU have been up to!