NEWSTART - Exercise

Exercise! I love it. I really do. I don't feel "right" without it. Our bodies are designed for movement.
It's quite timely to have a series about health for me as my Dad is in intensive care this very moment. He has just had major surgery to remove a large tumour. Major. Surgery. I'm talking a cut around half of his torso.
Sorry for those who find the imagery of this unbearable. I am in that category too.

This thing is this: he is seventy five years old and I am convinced that due to a life of healthy living he is recovering really well.
(As well as one can after such an ordeal.)
He has always maintained a healthy weight - partly thanks to an over active thyroid and also thanks to being very routined in his healthy living.
A former athlete, heavily into sports such as squash and tennis and a man who always welcomes gardening, chopping wood and various forms of activity.
His downfall? He just sounds so ridiculously perfect? Well, he has been a smoker for many decades, who has flown under the radar, I believe, due to every other healthy habit he maintains.

When we eat well and exercise, some indiscretions seem to be minimised. Don't take this as licence to begin a romance with nicotine though. This is more a point to show you just how powerful a good diet and exercise actually is!

During my childhood we were the kids who rode our bikes everywhere, played street cricket, tennis, beach trips, tonnes of sport, Little Athletics and on and on. Even roller skating. Gosh so much fun. Makes me wanna go now... For us this was normal and required no thought or effort. All just natural.

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However, exercise and activity needs to be more deliberate nowadays as we have increased "screen time" compared to years ago. Our lifestyles are different.

We also have less incidental exercise than past generations, so we really need to be more proactive in this area.

Adulthood or even young people who have health or weight issues, requires a different mindset. Exercise becomes something to be scheduled in and prioritised. Exercise truly needs to be a non negotiable.
The lymphatic system needs to flow and move. Muscles need to be strengthened continually. The body needs sufficient oxygen to complete all it's functions.
Muscle mass is the number one determining factor for health and longevity. (Hint: this means doing weights is REALLY important, whether it's weights at a gym or at home or exercises using your own body weight, like push ups.)

In my life I have had times, especially when touring internationally, when I had gigs each night and daytimes free. So I was training a lot. Running a minimum of ten kilometres a day. Around ninety minutes of weights most days and riding a bike to and from the gym.
That kind of training schedule is fantastic - if you have a lot of time to dedicate to it.

Your schedule may not be able to accommodate such a lifestyle. Mine certainly can't anymore. Yet exercise happens for me regardless.
For the season I am in at the moment, I train with a friend. Boxing, running hills, spin bike, weights and stretching.
It's a non - negotiable.

I even stopped my gym membership which is verging on a sacrilegious act for me as my schedule is too full to make the gym work as I want it to.
Yet, exercise still happens, just in a different way.

I have loved various sports and athletics, always. My brother and I have a huge amount of trophies, medals, ribbons and awards for all kinds of sports. However, winning athletics championships in your youth won't keep you fit forever. You can't rely on your "glory days" back when you "were" amazing, once.
This needs to be a constant thing. Each day is a new day.
If you miss a day, or even a week, don't give up catastrophically ("well what's the point now, I've missed a week so I'm giving up altogether.")

Find what works and just do it. Incorporate exercise into your life. Tennis with friends, walk and listen to songs you need to learn or something that inspires your spirit. Run, gym, indoor or outdoor sport. Get it happening.

Don't ignore this step to good health. Of course if you're a singer, being fit and strong for the stage will help enormously.
Exercise encourages endorphins to release through your body so you will feel good too.
Choose something that works, get serious about some commitments to YOURSELF, as it's a gift to you, and enjoy your life and health.

A quick point for those who are injured or in some way incapacitated with chronic fatigue or something debilitating in some way. You still can do something. Not everything, but something! A few bicep curls, maybe a stationary bike, a gentle walk taking deep breaths. Keep mobile. Outdoors if you can.

So, just returning to our acronym of NEWSTART.
We have now covered NUTRITION in the previous blog and now EXERCISE. of my all time favourites. WATER! Stay tuned.

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Love Simone x