WATER! This is really one of my favourite health steps.
It's the third step in our NEWSTART acronym.
If you are even remotely interested in health then this is simply not even a question.

Most vocal problems are rooted in dehydration. Did you know that? That's massive. Water actually FIXES stuff.

If you are singing or using your voice a lot, then some natural inflammation will occur as the muscles are worked. Rest and hydration restores all. Water is like a mini miracle working liquid every time you drink it. I just made that name up - "mini miracle working liquid" - it works so I'm keeping it.

I was performing a jazz recital this week and I was having my make up done first by a beautiful and talented make up artist. It was early and she said every morning she suffers from allergies. In my usual way, I encouraged her to have some water to minimise the affect of the allergies. She said she never drinks water. Well, not on my watch Missy. Time to start! So she did.
Under duress of the vocal coach.
Many of my singers have sipped water under similar duress.
However I know it's a step that's simply vital to health. Vocal health and all health depends on proper and adequate water intake.

A good minimum benchmark to follow consists of:

750mls on rising.
600mls - one litre, before lunch.
600mls - one litre, in the afternoon.

Don't drink water with meals as it will negatively affect digestion. It's best to leave thirty minutes before eating and ninety minutes after to ensure optimal digestion occurs.

It's really important to have water FIRST thing when you wake up. I am a bit more hardcore than most - so mine looks like "swamp water" as one student called it. I put organic live grasses in it every morning. So it becomes a superfood rich in enzymes, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Try it!

If you exercise (which after the last blog you know that exercising is part of the health deal) or sing a lot, you need even more water.
If you consume caffeine, sugar, processed foods and alcohol then you'll be dehydrated. Your body will be so unhappy unless you compensate with extra water.

There's some great WATER info in the free ebook "How to Strengthen Your Voice in 5 Easy Steps." If you don't have it, I encourage you to get it right now.

This morning I taught my little choir and Sienna, one of the best singers in the group said, "Can we please all get a drink of water? It's one of our steps for singing as well as warming up." I was so proud. I've taught them the five steps from my ebook and they have taken it on board. They all ran to have some water and returned to sing and sing some more.

If you are a person who chooses anything else but water when you need a drink - I implore you strongly to alter your habits to increase water intake.

The body, to function at its best, needs water. Don't wait till you are thirsty. It's already too late if thirst has kicked in. You need to be ahead of the game.

Filtered is better. Unless you like chlorine and chemicals. If you're cool with that - then tap water is fine. Something is better than nothing in this instance though. Filters are not that expensive so it's truly worth it to make it a priority.
I have had a fancy filtering system at home for a long time. I love it. I take water with me everywhere, always. You will never ever find me without a water bottle or two in my bag. We had filtered water before most people even knew what it was. That was thanks to my Mum who started looking into health a bit further many years ago. So I can hardly comprehend anyone going a whole day without having any water. Yet I know that (phenomenon) exists.
I hassle any of my singers who haven't embraced this step.

So, again here are the basics.

- Drink water.
- Especially when you wake up - drink water.
- Don't drink water with meals.
- Drink extra water if exercising.
- Drink extra water if acid forming foods and beverages are consumed.
- Allergic reactions - drink water.
- Singing a lot - drink water.
- Don't wait till you are thirsty. Drink water throughout the day.
- Skin problems - drink water
- Recording vocals - drink water
- Singing live on a gig - drink water
- Thirty minutes before and ninety minutes after a meal - drink water

This step is so easy. Many come to me like a confessional to say, "I never drink water." Look, you're forgiven ok? Relax. Just start now.
You'll never return to your old ways once this new way with water is established.

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