Who is on THE VOICE?

Just a quick heads up for those of you in Australia. My beautiful friend Hayley Jensen who sang for us at You Have a Voice 2009 is on The Voice this season so if you would like to see her on TV, the series begins tonight. She sounds and looks amazing!

As well as Hails - another great friend Mr Doug Williams is ALSO on the show! If you came to my workshops last year, You Have a Voice 2013 or Sing From Your Soul 2013 then you know exactly who I mean and you already know how awesome (and hilarious) HE is.


Hails and Doug have both recorded with me on songs of mine like, "Born To Win" and "Surely You Know" and I totally know and can vouch for how incredible they both are as vocalists.

It is really tough one when it comes to reality shows and voting on art, being competitive in art...all that stuff. Many of us as artists struggle with the idea. Even the ones who go on the shows still struggle with the idea!

However, for some people it changes their life forever and gives them a wonderful platform to reach a wider audience. That is a good thing. I saw Casey Donavan sing her heart out today on one of the morning shows. She was fantastic. If she had never auditioned for Australian Idol maybe I would not have seen that? Who knows?

My friend Diana, who honestly keeps me sane with large amounts of humour, and large amounts of kindness, was on The Voice and was signed by Universal Records. Her first single, "Heart of Goodbye" came out last week. I even had tears on the day - so happy for her as she has worked so hard and is a supremely good singer/songwriter/musician.

So - for all the reality shows, just take them for what they are. They work brilliantly for some, not for others. However if you do watch Hails and Doug, I know you will love them because they are totally loveable.

Anyway, if you want the DVD sets of any of the workshops that Hails and Doug are on, or the songs that we recorded together, - please check out the STORE. Lots of cool things there.

Always remember, You Have a Voice!

Love Simone x