How Is Your Health?

A phrase I hear very often is,

"You are so much more than a voice coach - I always get more than singing."

Yes - that's true. You will.
There is a reason for this though.
You can have your gift sorted and be a mess in every other area of life - which is far from ideal.

It all works together. All the parts of you. So I sometimes coach from that place - for those ready to receive it.
Aligning all the aspects of you is what brings you the most power and usefulness in administering your gifts.

HEALTH is an area that can truly make or break us. Statistics show that in America the majority of finances are lost through health or legal challenges.
I've had both, right here in Australia, so I can testify to this as truth. As legal challenges often BRING health challenges. Thankyou very much.

So, as health is so extremely important - without it you have nothing - today is a quick overview of my favourite health acronym.



It catches all when considering how to be and stay healthy.
I'll break each section of the awesome NEWSTART acronym down over the next few blogs, so let's begin by getting into the mindset for starters.

It comes down to BALANCE.

One of the declarations in my FOCUS workshop is,
"I am balanced."
That includes your health.

There is so much to address in the area of health and I have been studying it for about twenty years, as I find it amazing and fascinating.

I'm definitely swayed towards a natural approach if at all possible when it comes to health and my heart skips a beat in cool organic shops. The more hippy the better.
Having a date with my friends that includes drinking a fresh coconut is where it's at.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not perfect and I'm not so far into this thing that I'm a fruitarian or a breatharian...(Seriously what goes on there!!? I would get hungry...)
I just believe in doing our best to be as healthy and aware as we can be, all things considered.

So, as we cover some of this ground over the coming weeks, I truly hope it makes you more mindful to improve own health.

You'll sing better.
You'll feel better.
You'll look better.
You'll BE better.

What I've discovered is that when your inner journey improves, your health will naturally follow. You won't have to externally "force" or use "willpower" to do certain things because you will just naturally feel like living a more healthy way.

Stay tuned for more....

Easter is over so we can collectively put down the hot cross buns and chocolate now. It's good to enjoy such things occasionally - if your body can handle it, just not daily.
Easter isn't even about all that anyway!

Be healthy, be natural, be free.

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Always remember, You Have A Voice!
Love Simone x