Give It A Go

Sometimes in life we just need to "give it a go."

Just try. Take a step, then another.

It may stretch the comfort zone. It may be hard, uncomfortable, awkward, overwhelming or even terrifying - yet it's worth it for your own growth and development to keep moving forward.

One of my mentors often says, "Success is a learnable skill."

I have to remind myself of this fact as I am currently swimming in a pool that is well over my head when it comes to learning software and technology. I'm not known around the traps as your top “IT” girl. Let's just put it that way. Yet at the moment I am facing that reality daily - in a big way.

I saw this very principle of "giving it a go" in action last weekend at my newest workshop, "Your Music Video."

Five singers, one location, one day, five sets and five videos!

It was a massive day, tonnes of ideas and creativity and all the singers taking steps and even leaps into new territory in front of the camera. Then actually enjoying it!

Each singer used the recording of the song we made at the INTRODUCTION TO THE RECORDING STUDIO workshop, produced so beautifully by Michael Carpenter, and made their own unique video. How cool is that!?

What impressed me the most was that everyone really gave 100%.

Everyone stepped up.

Nerves were overcome.

The unfamiliarity was overcome.

The "feeling like a novice" was overcome.

Creativity and a new level of confidence was born!

Also a stack of worthwhile knowledge was poured out to all in attendance.

Here is just some of the amazing feedback: 

“Thankyou for this valuable experience that has just motivated me all the more to realise that this is where I belong. The experience of watching other’s videos as well as doing my own gave me so much information for future videos! More than videos this is great practise at life, to be in every moment and to align your voice, heart and body.”

“The day was fantastic, working as a team, everyone excelled. It was my first time doing a video and it was all so professional all day.”

“What an amazing experience. The photography, filming and directing was so genuinely supportive and helpful. The level of professional workmanship and excellence blew my mind!!!”

 “Thankyou Simone for continuing to be a spring of creativity, love, support, talent and sistahood. Thankyou for helping me find my voice and learn to share it with the world.”

 ”Thankyou so much for the great time – I loved it. I really enjoyed the experience, I learnt so much and it was a pleasure to work with such professionals. I loved the filming and photo shoot and I am really excited to see the end result. I really cannot thank you enough.”

 “What an awesome day. The greatest experience of all, bringing our vocal to real life, in real picture and real outward expression. Thank you so much for organising yet another absolutely exceptional and inspiring workshop Simone.”

 I am so happy that everyone had a wonderful time and could see the benefits in “giving it a go.”

Again I give unending respect to all videographers across the globe as I continually learn more about this incredible process. Editing in post production is no small thing. It's very time consuming and there are many decisions to be made, requiring unending concentration to achieve something brilliant.

Gervais Koffi brought his excellence in direction, filming and production to this workshop and the singers entrusted their songs into his experienced hands. He has his head down working hard to create something great for each singer - even as I write this.

I have only ever involved the best people when it comes to all the workshops I run and this was no exception. His work is high quality and everyone in attendance was blown away by him, and not only for his experience in filming. He is well established in multiple countries as a top musician, composer and producer. This combination of skills is the true one two punch when it comes to the work he produced last weekend.

We were also blessed to have professional photographer Isabelle Schurer assisting Gervais.
Isabelle has years of experience in photography and also took some fantastic stills of the singers as part of their workshop experience.

I think it is important sometimes to just “give it a go.” Why not? Sometimes we need to lighten up and try something new. It may not be perfect – who cares? Relax. It can always improve if you keep at it. One of my students was interviewed recently about playing guitar. He was asked what his advice would be to someone who wanted to play guitar. The answer he gave was along the lines of, “well just pick up a guitar and start playing.” That is my point here. Just start, just give it a go. There are no shortcuts.

I congratulate every singer who has “given it a go” in the studio and also at the video workshop. The results have superseded anything I could have imagined. From beginners to professionals, there is something for everyone.

I would love to see you at the next workshop. Investing in you is the best thing you can do for you and for those around you. Trust me!

I encourage you to register now for our next Introduction to the Recording Studio. It is such a fantastic day.

As it is Good Friday, I wish you all a blessed Easter and will leave you with a song that gives me goosebumps every time I play it. Here is world class singer Annie Zogbhi singing about Christ, the Cross and Calvary. She recorded the track at “Introduction to the Recording Studio” workshop, and the clip was created at “Your Music Video” workshop. I absolutely love it and I hope you do too.

Always remember, You Have A Voice,

Love Simone x