Firstly I want to give a huge thank you to all the beautiful people who came along to The Manly Jazz Festival. We had such a fabulous time! It was a wonderful sunny day and there was a fantastic appreciative crowd who were clearly music - lovers. It means a lot to receive your support and I truly thank those of you who were able to come.

This blog is about REST! It is the second last one for our health series. To be honest, this one is the one that gets me. I have not conquered this one.... 

Eight hours sleep per night is recommended. For anyone who is achieving this each night, consistently, congratulations! Some of you do not need that much, however...some of you do...and you are in deficit...

For those of you who love all the things life has to offer, and you love doing things, lots of things, then you have also struggled with this one. If you have a heavy workload or if you are balancing work and study, or if you have a newborn and you are still feeding bubby at night, or any other scenario that contributes to sleep deficit, at least you know you are not alone!

Fatigue is a big issue in society today. We really do not function at our best when we are sleep deprived. Our adrenal glands kick into overdrive and that state is hugely wearing on the body. 

The effects of sleep deprivation, especially long term sleep deprivation, are well documented. Here are just a few:

- Increased risk of obesity

- Increased chance of a stroke

- Increased risk of diabetes

- Memory loss and loss of brain cognitive function

- Increased risk of heart disease

- Bone damage and deterioration

- Increased risk of cancer

- Death

So, this is no joke. 

For singers, being fatigued and tired will affect our voice negatively. Great technique helps, water helps, a great organic diet and quality supplements helps, yet nothing can substitute for rest.

I understand that sometimes we work to deadlines. Sometimes it is very difficult to make deadlines and simply "fit it all in." However, as my Dad told me when I was a little girl, "without your health, you have nothing." Never a truer statement. 

I find that the healthier I am the more I can manage, however we don't want to take our health for granted. Rest is crucial. 

Ideally, have a day a week where you are not over committed. Do something different and take a break from your usual workload. If you cannot find a full twenty four hour block of time, grab blocks of time when you can. Have downtime. Have time where you relax and do things you enjoy. Get a massage. Walk in nature. Do something you love!

Remember that there is good stress and bad stress, yet even the good stress is taxing. We all need a break. Sleep in if you can. Have a holiday. If you exercise a lot, you need to factor in recovery time and rest time. It is part of the deal.

In my Inner Circle FOCUS Workshops we take time during the workshop to lie down and completely relax. I play this really calming harp music and it is just the best. Every bit of rest and relaxation counts. 

If you find that you are frequently catching colds and seem to have weak immunity, rest is key to your overall recovery and the restoration of your system. Don't worry if others seem to do more than you. Run your own race. Actually, perhaps you're tired. So just walk your own race. 

Musicians are totally accustomed to serial late nights, backed up by early mornings, working weekends and never really switching off. Other industries can be similar. It helps if you love what you do, however, even then you need some rest!

Consider what helps you to relax and wind down. What brings peace to your soul? What discipline do you need to embrace to ensure that you get to bed and get the sleep you need? Maybe you need to decline some things and prioritise your health? Maybe you need to be a bit stricter with yourself and your habits? 

For anyone who has experienced chronic fatigue, that is a full blown cry of the body for rest. It can be rooted in various things and takes great dedication to recover from. To avoid this state, balance and rest are crucial.

So, tonight, use a bit of lavender oil, breathe deeply, turn the light out and make sure you get some good deep rest! Rinse and repeat my friends.

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Always remember, 


Love Simone x

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