Well I'm writing this blog as we travel in the tour bus through Brisbane on the way to our next ELVIS TO THE MAX show. It has been a fabulous tour so far and all the shows have been just great.
What a wonderful blessing to spend your days doing what you love. We play music, we eat, we laugh, we fly, we drive, we eat, laugh some more....

Anyway, THIS  is a really IMPORTANT invitation for you. If you are outside of Sydney - it is WORTH the travel, I promise! Keep reading...

I am really excited about the next upcoming workshop called FOCUS. I'll be teaching with a beautiful friend of mine, Mary Kiani. Mary has had international success as a singer and performer. However when she told me she supported PRINCE in Scotland - who is one of my favourite artists, I was floored. She has so much to offer and the program I have designed for the day for FOCUS is ridiculously cool. You'll love it.
It totally cuts through the superficial stuff into the deep, real parts of YOU. What's holding you back? How to propel yourself and your gifts forward, how to really find YOUR voice.

I was alone in my hotel room this morning preparing and couldn't help smiling as I worked because I KNOW how powerful this is!

Please follow this link and register for this incredible, powerful, life changing day!!

Have you ever felt that sometimes you are just so overwhelmed with life and urgent things that you don’t create the time required to hone in on what you REALLY want? On what is TRULY important? Our passions needs focus. When we live with passion and no focus, we live frustrated. Unfulfilled. Simply because there is no action plan. Yet you still feel like there is something more for you. Because there is!

Come to FOCUS and you'll never be the same. You'll be better.  More aligned with who YOU are than ever. Of course you will also learn how to break into a more confident and strong version of YOU as well - which is very much wrapped up with your voice, your communication and your expression.

I truly hope you can come! Remember it is for people who are ready to go to the next level in life - not necessarily singers. See you there!
Register now!

Always remember, You Have A Voice.
Love Simone x