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YOU HAVE A VOICE live vocal workshop.

YOU HAVE A VOICE live vocal workshop.


Preparation of a song BEFORE your event, assessment, or performance is vital. For example if you have a song to perform, you need to cover your basics first. Your foundation starts with learning your lyrics and melody. Without these - you have nothing. Once you have your lyrics and melody down, you can start to really consider your message and your story. 

  • What are you trying to say/convey?
  • What emotions do you want to evoke in the listener?
  • How do you intend to get your message across musically?  
  • How do you intend to get your message across physically? (if it is a live performance)

The use of musical elements such as dynamics, instrumentation and the arrangement of your song can make or break your performance.

Tempo is really important too.

Make sure you have thought a bit about your approach as these finer points will take you from good to great - instantly.  

These are just the basics but it is amazing how many people don't really even consider these. If you spend some time before you perform, thinking a little deeper about your message, it will really start to build up your preparation skills. It will also calm your nerves when you perform as you will have a clear idea for your direction and you will be thinking less about "the big note coming up" and more about the story you are conveying.

Preparation is actually a fun and exciting creative process. This last week I have had the pleasure of working with some FANTASTIC musicians as we prepare to go on tour with Taylor Dayne. We have been rehearsing and nailing the finer points of the show - all working as a team to ensure that we bring the best possible music to the stage for all of Taylor's songs. Tell It To My Heart, Shelter and Love Will Lead You Back are just some of her many hit songs and after selling seventy five million albums, she has achieved great heights of success. So, our preparation is key. The work that we put in prior to the show is what will make the show tight and great. Exciting times!  

I encourage you to focus, prepare and take your song from good to great by honing in on some of the elements listed above.

You can check out for Taylor Dayne dates in Australia and I would love to see you at one of the shows!

Always remember, You Have a Voice! Love Simone xx

Taylor Dayne!

Taylor Dayne!