You Have a Voice! Five weeks away…

I am really excited about all the wonderful things we are preparing for you for the 9th March in Sydney for You Have a Voice!

These are always life changing, pivotal days and you could hear something that will change the course of your life into a new and positive direction forever!

Each day in the lead up, we are planning how to best serve you so that you can get the most out of it. As usual I have the “best in the business” coming along to share their secrets and their wealth of expertise and knowledge with you. You certainly won’t be disappointed. There is no other event like this in Australia. A day full of sessions from top vocal coaches and singers, world class entertainment and a chance to perform in the masterclass for the audience and the professionals on the panel. This masterclass will be in an encouraging, non judgemental and loving environment to help you on your journey to be the best you can be.

We will be covering vocal technique such as projecting without straining, as well as some of the mindsets required to perform convincingly and authentically.

You will LOVE the session - “How to play an instrument while singing,” which will be taught by Doug Williams who is a master band leader, singer, recording artist, bass player and extremely accomplished musician.

I will also be addressing the fact that many of us don’t even want to or need to sing professionally. Some of us just want to sing for our OWN fun, freedom and enjoyment. This is a brilliant way to live as singing should be enjoyed by everyone at whatever level and it is not about competition but about unity and our personal satisfaction of loving and enjoying what we do. Singing can make you come alive. Rhythm, melody and harmony are woven into the fabric of creation around us and it is not just for the “pros.” Music is for everyone!

We will also be covering, “How to Sing in a Recording Studio” which is something that is so much more accessible for everyone these days, now more than ever and really helps you in becoming a better singer.

Mary Kiani and Gail Page, both highly experienced and well loved performers will be bringing their knowledge as well as their fun and larger than life personalities.

You can just relax sit back and absorb it all or race up onto the stage to perform in the masterclass. It is your day so it is up to you!

I am honoured and excited to host you for YOU HAVE A VOICE on March 9th 2013 and there is one part I really cannot wait to teach. It is the number one secret to REALLY finding YOUR voice and living from that place every day. It is so powerful. You will love it!

Make sure you register now and tell your friends on facebook. You truly do not want to miss out!

Always remember, You Have a Voice.



Have a look at what others have said about YHAV:

“When I attended the last You Have a Voice by Simone Waddell I was not in a good place vocally having previously suffered a slump in singing confidence due to poverty, burnout, vocal exploitation, childbirth, and depression in both myself and my partner. I was brought to the conference by good friends who wanted to gift me with a good time...I had a lot more than a good time...Simone's gentle spirit ushered me through a day of discovery and encouragement that left me renewed and recharged to start up again vocally and face the challenges ahead. I sang in the Masterclass and got some of the most wonderful feedback I have ever received. Since then I have hooked up with a wonderful singing mentor who spoke at the conference, refreshed on some vocal techniques, watched top class singers perform at great venues, designed and launched my own website, filmed and recorded myself performing live, taught choirs and students singing and performed at many paid gigs around Sydney. Thanks, Simone, for being such a valuable and lasting influence in my vocal career and giving me a new lease on life!” - Emma in Parramatta

“I came out of You Have a Voice with excited emotion because I suddenly remembered why I began singing. It is who I am, I can’t do anything else and it’s not always about perfection. I AM A SINGER. Thank you for reminding me of what it is all about.” - Anne Campbell

You Have a Voice was brilliant and it left me feeling inspired to continue growing as a musician. It felt absolutely incredible to be on stage performing in front of people who share the same passion.” - Candice Boyd, Australian Institute of Music