YHAV SPEAKERS - Mary Kiani and Doug Williams

You Have a Voice Vocal Workshop is all about YOU learning, growing and becoming more of who you are. It is all about you discovering that you don’t need to compare yourself to anyone else and you can have permission to simply be the unique YOU that you were always created to be.

There will an incredible amount of fantastic content taught across the day as well as amazing performances. A fabulous young singer I have been coaching by the name of Ivy Browne will be performing for you on your arrival. You are going to love her. She is a talented young musician with a naturally beautiful voice.

I have organised some of the finest singers and teachers around to make YHAV an excellent day for you.

So, it is time to start introducing them to you!

Mary-Kiani-Red Dress_1.jpg

Mary Kiani is a singer and vocal coach who grew up in Scotland and relocated to Australia a few years ago. After achieving top ten hits in the UK, some stellar record deals and successes and working with the hottest DJs, she has also had a strong love of jazz and has produced some fantastic jazz albums. The last one, “Little Things Mean a Lot” was launched to a packed crowd at Sydney’s premier jazz venue, “The Basement,” last year.

Mary is a true talent, with a big voice and bucket loads of charisma. She has a loyal fan base around the world, through her many releases and tours.

She will be teaching an introduction to songwriting as well as using resonance in your voice and other secrets that you will need to attend to find out about!


Doug Williams is well known and revered in the music scene for his outstanding voice and stage presence as well as his exceptional bass playing and musical skills which are many….

I had the honour of touring with and singing alongside Doug last year and what a joy it was for me (and every audience member) to hear that UNBELIEVABLE voice every night.

He has recorded, toured and performed his way through decades of amazing musical experiences and the knowledge he has to share is virtually endless. I have specifically asked Doug to teach on a few different things. One of them is singing whilst playing an instrument so that you can be confident that you are doing both well and not letting your vocals or your instrument lose track in the process. This is so important.

He will also cover the two top things that every singer needs to know. Crucial!

There are many other things he will teach on but I know you will fall in love with both Mary and Doug who have worked a lot internationally and are the right type of people to sit at the feet of.

Don’t wait another second. Register now for YHAV. It will change your life.

Next blog I will reveal a bit more of what is in store for you at YHAV.

Always remember – You Have a Voice!