Sing From Your Soul Wrap Up

I hope everyone is well and managing to maintain a somewhat reasonable pace in this hectic time of year!

Firstly I want to say, congratulations to all the singers who attended "Sing From Your Soul" vocal workshop last Saturday at JMC Academy.

The feedback has been nothing short of amazing.

All the breakthroughs, all the new knowledge gained and all the fantastic singing in the masterclass! Wow!

Doug Williams brought his incredible gifts and talents to the stage in the way that only he can. Always a highlight. Always funny as well as being one ridiculous singer.

Here's just some of what has been shared with me from people who were there.

"All in all, today was EXCELLENT!"

"Very good and professional feedback for performers, interesting and useful topics, Doug and Simone were my highlights."

"Really enjoyed the feedback in the masterclass for those that did perform, whilst there was no pressure for those who didn't."

"Simone's teaching and advice was so helpful and applied to much more than music."

"As a beginning singer I found Simone's workshop a great encouragement to follow through on my new interest."

"My favourite thing of the day was learning the vocal warm up exercises, because I don't normally do that."

"Very informative! I learnt a lot and I would like to come again to another workshop."

"I learnt to instill faith and confidence in myself"

"What a great, informative, passionate and spirited day! So much information to take away. It was highlight to sing on stage in front of an audience, putting in what we had learnt through the day." 

"Very good! Learned a lot! Things to work on!"

"AMAZING! Loved the vocal warm ups, but I especially loved how much fun I had and that I could perform."

"The entire day was practical, insightful, enlightening and healing. Thankyou so much!"

I was quite blown away by how much everyone enjoyed it. Honestly it is a lot of work and not for the faint hearted to pull it all together, yet when I see how much benefit the workshops bring, I am so glad.

So, this brings me to some GREAT news. We are running our final workshop of the year (and for quite a while) on NOVEMBER 30th. It is FOCUS with Mary Kiani and myself and for those who attended the last one they already know the MASSIVE breakthroughs and new levels they have reached. People are starting to write their own songs and music for the first time in their lives. People (including me!) are changing the way they live, think, act, practice, EVERYTHING! It is such a powerful day I cannot rave about it enough. So if you missed SFYS PLEASE don't miss this one!!


Here is some FOCUS feedback from the last one:

"FOCUS was really helpful for me because I am always unorganised and lazy. The FOCUS workshop allowed me to realize the important things I need to make time for and the things I need to eliminate. It was also really helpful for me because my dream profession is to perform. The FOCUS workshop helped me see that yes it will be hard but it is worth it! Lots of inspiring people were there and I was so inspired all day."


I warmly invite you to attend this wonderful day called FOCUS! It will be held at my home in Southern Sydney. A casual, intimate and easygoing environment. NO pressure just a lot of love and tonnes of content, growing and singing for those that want to sing. An excellent opportunity to identify your true path and walk in it like never before.  It is not just for singers. This is broader and relates to much more. I encourage you to please book in ASAP. Mary and I would just love to have you along. The price is reduced as we really want you to have no obstacles. Click here to find out more and register now. Truly, you do not want to miss it. We want to hang out with you!

Always remember, You Have A Voice!

Love Simone x