When Life Hits Hard

Sing From Your Soul is nearly here! Only a few days away until we have a chance to really get some breakthroughs and spend a wonderful day focussed on the voice. If you are still thinking of coming, it is not too late! I really hope you do. You will not regret it, in fact, you will love it! All the details are here: http://simonewaddell.com/sing-from-your-soul so please register now and give yourself an amazing present!.

I don't know about you, but I have had some very difficult times lately. I have been thinking about some of the declarations from various workshops that are very powerful and there is one from YOU HAVE A VOICE that says, "I am strong, I can overcome anything." I really do believe in not just saying the words but incorporating these truths into our personal belief system, so that when the hard times hit - there will be enough on the inside to fortify against the blows that life delivers. Sometimes life hits a lot harder that we would like it to and being prepared, with enough in the reservoir to draw from, is the only way to get through.

So what does any of that have to do with singing? EVERYTHING! We are our instrument. Therefore, if it is happening to "us" it is happening to our voice. If you break a string on a guitar, you just get a new one and keep playing. If you receive heartbreaking news, it is not as easy to just keep singing. However, so many things in life are a make or break deal. Some hits to the heart can feel like they are a mortal wounding. It can be rejection around singing, or someone nastily mocking your dreams, or someone saying they do not like what you do, or they do not like you (!!) or how you sound or the song you chose. Maybe you have been abandoned, lost a loved one, or some other major life disappointment is trying to smack you down...it could be anything.

Us singers are sensitive types, (which is wonderful as we express so well - but devastating as we feel the blows intensely) which is why it is even MORE important to say and believe the RIGHT things, deep on the inside. For some people that enemy tearing them down is themselves...which is a situation that is a guarenteed lose all round deal.

I will be teaching on some of these ideas on Saturday as well as covering vocal technique, improvising, singing riffs, and so much more about your voice. Plus we have the masterclass where anyone can sing. The thing is though, even the greatest voices cannot survive unless the internal confidence is strong. Barbara Streisand, one of the worlds greatest singers, did not sing for a long time due to the fears and pressures that she felt. That my friends is a tragedy. An epic tragedy.

On my son's wall in his bedroom is a poster that I gave him when he was really young. It says, "Keep going. Never give in."  Yes, I have happily "brainwashed him." Seriously though, what I did is prepare him as much as I could for the times when he will feel just like giving up. It happens to all of us.

So, this Saturday, get yourself ready for a great day of singing, voice technique and fun, and if you cannot make it, please know that if there is tough time hitting you right now, you have two pathways. One spirals down, and one spirals up. Arrest your thoughts and words.... and look up.

Always remember, You Have A Voice.

Love Simone x

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