Simone's New Song!

I quickly need to ask you a huge favour! I've just released a new gospel track of a song I wrote called, "Surely You Know."

It's really beautiful, smooth and uplifting. It has great production and the backing vocals were recorded by singers you may know if you have attended any of my workshops.

Backing vocalists are:
Rebecca Henry
Mary Kiani
Doug Williams
Pat Powell
Ralph Marshall
Me. (I do sing the lead too!)

Plus Michael Carpenter from YOU HAVE A VOICE 2008 and 2009 was the mixing engineer!
The entire thing was independently done, which is why your support is so important!

Please follow this link right now to iTunes and download the song. I'm sure it will inspire you. It's good to remember that God is in control.
(Look, even if you're an atheist you will still like the music...)

I humbly thank you and truly appreciate your support immensely.
Enjoy the track - be blessed, be encouraged, and I will be in touch again soon.

Always remember, You Have A Voice!
Love Simone xx

Ps there are some other songs on iTunes I'd love you to get also!
The funky duet with Pat Powell - "Can Only Wonder"
Also the moving yet stunning track -
"Beautiful Angel"
Both these songs feature Bill Risby on piano. Bill as well as being a lovely guy, is one of the best musicians in Australia, currently working with Kate Ceberano. Yet Tina Arena and many others are on his list of artists that he works with. It's truly worth listening to his amazing playing too. Hope you like them!